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20 Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids – Easy Crafts

By Elisha Baba


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Are you looking for a fun activity the family can do together that doesn’t involve screens or playing video games? Popsicle stick crafts are great artistic projects because they keep your kids occupied while also promoting creativity. Most of these crafts only require popsicle sticks, glue, and paint, and they are a really exciting way to bring the whole family together to make some meaningful memories. Check out this list of popsicle stick crafts that kids of all ages will enjoy creating.

20 Ingenious popsicle stick crafts for kids 

1. Bird Feeder

Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

This bird feeder from Made with Happy is a super cute project that will cultivate a special relationship between your child and nature. After your child has finished making their bird feeder, they will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they watch birds flock to their little creation for some yummy birdseed. 

2. Articulated Snake Craft

Get your children’s creative juices flowing with this articulated snake popsicle craft presented by Kids Craft Room. It is actually quite a simple and easy project to make but doesn’t lack in fun.  Children can make their snake as long as they’d like, and it may be a fun game to see who can make the longest snake! They will also be able to customize the color and designs on the snake however they’d like. 

3. Monsters

These popsicle stick monsters from i heart arts n crafts prove to be another fun project that will certainly let your child’s imagination run wild. The best thing about this project is that it takes almost no effort at all! You just need to ensure that you have the few items that are required such as googly eyes, paint, glue, and a few popsicle sticks. Then, you can simply find things that are lying around your house, like construction paper or printer paper, to add so your child can customize their unique monster friend! 

4. Robot 

These adorable robots from i heart Crafty Things are easy to make and also allow tons of room for customization. This craft project utilizes three different sizes of popsicle sticks: jumbo, regular, and mini. It’s also important to note the other supplies recommended like pony beads, glitter sticks, and the absolutely necessary googly eyes. 

5. Minions 

Do your children love Disney’s Despicable Me franchise? If they’ve watched any of the three popular movies, then they are certainly aware of the cute little minions. These minions became a cultural phenomenon, and now your child can craft their own minion friend! This project by Glued to my Crafts is really easy to make using supplies you probably already have laying around your house. Kan pai! (Apparently, that means cheers in minion language.) 

6. Unicorn 

Unicorns have become extremely popular in recent years. If you have a child that is obsessed with all things magical, check out this majestic unicorn from Hello Wonderful. Besides the basic supplies that you’ll need for any popsicle craft, as previously mentioned above, this project requires the following: different colors of yarn, paint, paint brushes, glue, and cardstock.

7. Arctic Animals 

How cute are these arctic animals from Messy Little Monsters? For this project, you will need some craft foam, ribbons of various colors, googly eyes, small and large toothpicks, craft paint, cardstock, a glue gun, glue sticks, paintbrushes, scissors, a permanent marker, and you can’t forget the fun pom-poms to complete the walrus tusks and polar bear nose! These little guys require more materials than most of the other ideas on this list, but they’re so worth it! 

8. Popsicle Stick Catapult 

If you’ve been thinking that many of these ideas are cute but you’d like to give your child a little more of a challenge, then this is the craft for you. This popsicle stick catapult from Little Bins for Little Hands is totally awesome and a bit more difficult than the other projects. You’re all set if you have jumbo popsicle sticks, a bottlecap, and rubber bands. Launch your child’s creativeness (and marshmallows, too).

9. Airplane 


If you are hoping to find a fun popsicle stick project that could also act as an educational experience, then you’ll love this airplane craft from The Joy of Sharing. This design is seemingly simple to make, but you can explain the different parts of an airplane to your child as they make their very own (popsicle version, of course). You never know, they may want to be an aviation engineer someday because you saw this idea on our list. Thank us later. 

10. Magic Wand

Out of all of the popsicle stick crafts on this list, these embellished magic wands from Creative Family Fun are by far the prettiest and easiest to make. Your small child will love this project simply for the customization aspect. These magic wands are sure to keep your child occupied for hours — even after they’ve finished the actual craft. 

11. Rainbow Wind Chime

This rainbow wind chime project from How to This and That is neat because you can hang it up somewhere around your house to show your child that you’re proud of their creative efforts. Actually, you may just want to hang it up because of your own efforts because it’s a little more complex than most of the other crafts listed. You’ll need some jewelry wire or a fishing line, pliers, beads, scissors, and some extra time on your hands to make a cute wind chime that we know you and your child will love. 

12. Kitten

Do you have a little one that you’re just introducing to the exciting world of crafts? These kitties from Crafty Morning are made using just some popsicle sticks, markers, scissors, googly eyes, and glue and are perfect for any small child who loves to get creative but isn’t ready for a more complex craft project yet.  

13. Insects

If you have several children that will be making a craft together, these insect crafts from In the Bag Kids’ Crafts are great because there are seven different insect options to choose from. Although these insects are really cute and easy to make, please keep in mind that there are a lot more materials involved than the average popsicle stick craft project. 

14. Birdhouse Feeder

For all of the nature-loving children out there, these colorful birdhouse feeders from Crafty Morning are a must-do project. While this craft may require a bit more effort than the other bird feeder on this list, it will give your child the opportunity to make a little structural masterpiece that the birds can enjoy. 

15. Cactus

This precious cactus from Lovely as a Mother is a really simple yet unique popsicle stick craft idea. If you live in someplace like Arizona, your child may love the idea of making a personified cactus. If you live somewhere like Alaska, well, this may be a great teaching moment for your child because they may not even know what a cactus is… yet.

16. Scarecrow 

This cute little scarecrow popsicle stick craft from Today’s Creative Ideas doubles as a magnet, so it can be placed on your fridge as a festive decoration after the project is completed. Of course, you really could glue a magnet to any of these other projects, and voila, you have a popsicle stick craft that acts as a magnet. This project is super easy to make, but it requires raffia, which may take some extra effort to find. 

17. Owl

The other animals listed are really cute, but these owls from Glued to my Crafts are extra unique.  You’ll need all of the same supplies as the other animals listed above, including paint and a paper plate, but you’ll also want to take a trip to your local Dollar Store to purchase some plastic leaves for the wings! After your child is done making their owl, you could always incorporate this craft somewhere in your home as a sweet little fall decor item. 

18. Sunflower

Popsicle stick flowers are a classic craft idea that will never go out of style. These sunflowers from Boy Mama Teacher Mama are super easy to make! Just grab some paint, glue, and popsicle sticks and let your children have fun with it. You only really need the basics for this project.

19. Tractor

These tractors from Simple Everyday Mom are a really great popsicle stick craft project that boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with after they’ve finished making them. They would go perfectly included in a unit studies about transportation or farm equipment. 

20. Olaf 

If you have kids, then you probably haven’t been able to get the song “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen out of your head for years. But if you’re willing to put yourself through that again, this Olaf project from Craftionary is super cute! Your kids may smile as big as Olaf when you bring up this popsicle stick craft idea. 


Whether your child is stuck inside for a rainy day or because of the pandemic, these fun popsicle stick craft ideas will surely brighten up your child’s day. Popsicle stick crafts are a really great way to introduce young children to the amazing world of craft. They are also entertaining projects to do for a child who just loves to design and create. Many of these crafts allow plenty of customization that will really let your child’s imagination fly high. We hope that these projects will inspire your children to be creative and think outside of the box. Enjoy!

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