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15 DIY Picnic Table Plans For Backyard

By Elisha Baba


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It doesn’t get much better than enjoying a meal al fresco when the weather is warm. Just imagine you’re sitting with your loved ones eating great food and having even better conversations around a picnic table that you made by yourself. Picnic tables are known for allowing people to spend quality time together while enjoying the fresh air. While you could always purchase a picnic table from a store, it’s always much more fun and satisfying to build a picnic table yourself. You can customize your picnic table plan as you build it to suit your style and needs. Your loved ones will be amazed that you were resourceful and decided to take your time to craft something that the whole family can enjoy together. Here is a list of fifteen picnic table plans that you and your family are sure to love.

1. Traditional Picnic Table

Are you looking for a picnic table that has a more traditional look to it? This simplistic picnic bench design from Thrifty Pineapple was based on an expensive picnic table plan from a popular home decor store. The step-by-step guide will instruct you through the entire process. While this specific table cost five hundred dollars, you could easily substitute the cedarwood for a more affordable wood option. Nevertheless, this five hundred dollar DIY picnic table turned out to cost half of what the original table cost.

2. DIY Extra Large Modern Picnic Table

If you have a lot of people in your family or you’re planning on having large outdoor gatherings, this extra-large picnic table from It’s a Mother Thing is the perfect choice for you. There’s no worse feeling than when your pal next to you bumps the last bite of delicious food out of your hand. This long and sturdy table is great for entertaining and will ensure that everyone has personal space but can still enjoy quality time together.

3. Compact Picnic Table

You won’t even need a kids’ table with this design from Build Something. This is a compact picnic table with seats all around the way around which maximizes seating availability yet still won’t take up too much space in your yard. Its smaller size is great since you could practically put it anywhere. This is a perfect option for those with a smaller yard and would like to seat the entire family at one picnic table.

4. Picnic Table with Industrial Farmhouse Flair

Twelve on Main provides an alternative look to the traditional picnic table with this industrial farmhouse style picnic table design that your family is sure to love. This plan includes utilizing a box of bolts to add a fun accent to the rim of the picnic table — creating an industrial look. This option is really great if you’re wanting an aesthetically-pleasing piece to look at while you enjoy your time outdoors. You really can’t go wrong with this picnic table which could become a great inspiration when it comes to decorating the rest of your backyard or interior of your home, since the industrial farmhouse decor has a very distinctive look that is timeless and many people truly adore.

5. Two-Piece Convertible Picnic Table

It’s always great to have options, and this two-piece convertible picnic table from Build Eazy is a really innovative design if you’re working with a small space. After following the step-by-step guide, you’ll find that you have two individual benches that can fold together to make a table with seating. The picnic table that is formed from the two bench seats will fit you and your family very comfortably. If you would no longer like a picnic table, you could easily deconstruct the table aspect of this design back into two individual bench seats. So you could utilize your finished product as a table during dinner outdoors and then clean it off and separate it into benches for those post-meal conversations.

6. Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table

How cool is this handicap accessible picnic table from Rogue Engineer? This table is designed so everyone, even those with disabilities or special needs, can have a seat at the table. The length of the table is extended a little longer on one side so a wheelchair can easily roll right up to it. There are specific instructions that will take you through every step so you can make a sturdy and reliable table that everyone will love and get to enjoy. Let the good times roll!

7. Party Picnic Table with Drink Trough

This picnic table design from Remodelaholic is perfect if you love to entertain and host parties in your backyard. You can follow the comprehensive details to create a picnic table that basically has a mini cooler built into the center of the piece. Keep your drinks cool and easily accessible for your guests! The process of building this innovative picnic table is thorough and easy to follow, and your guests will surely enjoy the design of this cool picnic table.

8. DIY Children’s Picnic Table

Talk about adorable — this children’s picnic table from Tinsel and Wheat is a functional piece of furniture that the kids will love. With this design, you can make the kids feel extra special that you made them a VIP section where they can sit and play away from the boring adults. This project is incredibly quick and easy to make as the table is quite small. This DIY project will definitely be worth it when you see the smile on those kids’ faces.

9. Hexagonal Picnic Table

If you’re looking to build something that is unlike the average picnic table, then this table design shaped like a hexagon from Ana White is for you. Not only is this picnic table an absolutely stunning option to have in your backyard, but it also has six large hexagonal-shaped bench seats for added space. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. If you’re looking for an idea that’s super unique, why not forgo the usual rectangular picnic table and choose an interesting shape like this one?

10. Reclaimed Wood Flat-Pack Picnic Table With Planter/Ice Trough

Try saying the title of this picnic table aloud and fast three times. Instructables gives us this picnic table design that’s great because it allows for so much customization. The trough in the middle can hold whatever you’d like it to, from cold drinks to pretty plants, or anything else you can think of that will fit. This design requires you to be resourceful and gather different planks of reclaimed wood from various salvage yards to eventually combine together to form this gorgeous piece.

11. Inexpensive Picnic Table

If you’ve been waiting for an affordable DIY picnic table option — here you go! This traditional picnic table from Wayne of the Woods is really easy to build and is also extremely economical. You can follow the step-by-step guide that is accompanied by helpful photos to create this simplistic yet durable picnic table. This option is perfect if you’re looking to build a picnic table quickly without costing too much money.

12. Picnic Table for Two

Since the average picnic table may be too large for those that only have two people in their immediate household, Black and Decker has created a simple solution with their picnic table for two design. This plan is perfect for two lovebirds who would like to enjoy an intimate dinner at a picnic table while soaking in the great outdoor setting. You can sit in close proximity to your partner as you spend quality time together.

13. DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Picnic Table

If you’ve ever shopped for a furniture item such as a picnic table at a popular home decor store, you will know that they can be moderately expensive. But with this picnic table design from The Design Confidential, you’ll be able to create a high-end aesthetic all by yourself, without the steep price tag. The brown stain is stunning and gives a more luxurious vibe to the picnic table.

14. Square Picnic Table

While most picnic tables are designed to be rectangular, this option from Handy Man Wire is a cool idea that just barely deters from the typical look by making a square shape for plenty of table space. It would be a perfect table for a yard that might not have enough room to fit an average long picnic table, or maybe you just want a table that has a slightly different design.

15. DIY Swing Picnic Table

This incredibly creative design from This Minimal House looks like it belongs in a fairytale. Since there are more elements involved in making this picnic table, this specific project may take a little bit more effort than other plans listed. But the end result will be so worth it. This piece of furniture will become your new favorite spot as you casually swing while chatting at this dazzling picnic table set.

If you’re an avid DIYer, I’m sure you’ll be excited to give one of these picnic table plans a try. While there are many hand-crafted projects floating around the internet, creating a picnic table yourself is a viable DIY option because you and your loved ones can get repeated use out of it. Not only are picnic tables quality items that will last for a long time, but they’re customizable as well. So you can choose a plan that best meets your needs and then design it however you’d like to really make your new piece of furniture unique to you. These picnic tables are perfect DIY projects because they’re fun to work on, and everyone will get to enjoy your hard work time and time again.

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