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What is the Meaning of the Name Silas?

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Silas means ‘of the forest’ or ‘prayed for’ and the name is derived from the Latin Silvanus. Silvanus is also the name of the Roman God of the countryside and was the protector of uncultivated land.

Silas meaning name

Silas is a Biblical name, but its origins are often debated. In the New Testament, Silas accompanied Saint Paul on his second missionary journey. In the film, the Da Vinci Code, Silas is the name of the albino monk.

  • Name Origin: English, Latin
  • Pronunciation: Sy-liss
  • Gender: Male

How Popular is the Name Silas? 

The name Silas has never been highly ranked when it comes to baby names. But it has been in the top 1000 names since 1900. According to the Social Security Administration Data, in recent years popularity of the name Silas has increased, and for the first time in its history, it made the top 100 baby names in 2020.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Saul Means borrowed. Hebrew
Silvanus Means forest. Latin
Sylvanus Forest. Latin
Sylas Man of the forest. English
Sylvain Of the forest. French
Silvan Of the forest. German
Silvino Of the forest. Spanish

Other Latin Boy Names

Name Meaning
Atticus From Attica
Felix Happy, fortunate
Oliver Means olive tree
Jude Diminutive form of Judah and means praised.
Cassius Means hollow
August Means great or magnificent.
Miles Soldier or merciful.

Alternative Boy Names Starting with ‘S’

Name Meaning Origin
Samuel His name is God Hebrew
Santiago Of St.James Spanish
Sawyer Wood cutter English
Sebastian Means venerable Greek
Shane God is gracious Irish
Stephen Means crown Greek
Sander Defender of the people Dutch

Famous People Named Silas

  • Silas Timberlake – Son of Justin Timberlake.
  • Silas Weir Mitchell – American TV actor.
  • Silas Robertson – Reality TV star.
  • Silas Dwane House – American writer, and music journalist.
  • Silas Lima Malafaia – A Brazilian Pentacostal pastor.