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What is the Meaning of the Name Ava?

By Emma Davies


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Ava is a name of uncertain origin that means ‘lively’ or ‘bird’. Thought to be derived from the Latin word ‘avis’, it is a popular name for baby girls that has become widely used for its simplicity and timeless appeal. 

 Name Ava meaning

With several interpretations across various cultures, the name is also considered to be linked back to Hebrew, Persian, and German roots. The name Ava is thought to be a variant of the name Eve which comes from the Hebrew word chavah meaning ‘life’ or ‘lively’.

Ava can also be connected to the Persian word âvā which means ‘water’ or ‘ocean’. In addition, in medieval Germany, the name is a short form of Adelheid or Adalheidic meaning ‘noble kind’. 

  • Name Origin: Unknown (possibly German, Latin, or Hebrew)
  • Name Meaning: bird-like, lively, or noble kind
  • Pronunciation: Ay – Vuh
  • Gender: Female

How Popular is the Name Ava?

Since the start of the 20th century, Ava has remained in the top 1000 most popular girls’ names in the USA. The popularity of this name was in decline until the late 1940s when it had a resurgence and started climbing up the charts.

Social Security Data shows that Ava reached its peak in 2020, ranking at number 4. In 2021, 12759 baby girls were born and given the cute name Ava.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Avis Bird Latin
Avah Source of life Hebrew
Eva Life Hebrew
Aiva To live English
Avina From the oat field Latin
Avalon Island of apples Celtic
Eve Life English

Other Girl Names With Unknown Origins

Name Meaning
Breynne Hill
Bryleigh Gracious
Kortniey Caring and honest
Krin Beautiful and loving
Elon Marie Gentle
Dorise Loving
Kaidance Rhythm

Alternative Girl Names Starting with ‘A’

Name Meaning Origin
Aria Song or melody Italian
Abigail My father is joy Hebrew
Anna Grace Hebrew
Ariana Most holy Portuguese
Adeline Little blessed one Latin
Autumn The season of Autumn Latin
Athena Goddess of wisdom and warfare Greek

Famous People Named Ava

  • Saint Ava – 10th-century saint.
  • Ava Gardener – American actress.
  • Ava Allan – American actress.
  • Ava Ohlgren – Professional American swimmer.
  • Ava Leigh – British reggae singer.
  • Ava Barber – American singer.