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What Does The Name Aria Mean?

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The name Aria is of Italian origin and means ‘solo melody’ or ‘song.’ When translated the name actually means ‘air’ which corresponds with the musical theatrics within an opera performance.

The meaning of name Aria

Typically, the name Aria is thought of as gender-neutral. While the name is given to females because it translates to ‘lioness’, it is actually more popular amongst the male population in Persia where it means ‘noble’. 

  • Name Origin: Italian
  • Meaning: Means melody or song.
  • Pronunciation: aa-ree-ah
  • Gender: most commonly known as a girl’s name, but can be unisex depending on the country of origin.

How Popular is the Name Aria?

Aria is a name that has increased in popularity over the past decade. It first made an appearance in naming charts in the year 2000, hitting the top 20 in 2012.

Thanks to the media, the name has grown in popularity as it has appeared in many popular television shows, including Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones and Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Aryana Very holy; Pretty Eastern girl Scottish
Ariel Lion of God Scottish
Arianna Most holy Slavic
Ariyah Air; Solo melody French
Arie Lion of God Hebrew
Ariah Noble; gold; treasure Hebrew
Amirah Princess Welsh

Names with Similar Meanings

Names Meaning Melody Names Meaning High/ Noble
Aika Ada
Canta Adelaide
Carmin Albert
Carol Alice
Melody Brian
Mandira Freya
Shira Patrick

Alternative Female Names Starting with ‘A’

Name Meaning Origin
Ava Bird Latin
Alice Noble, Kind English
Alexis Noble, Light German
Amelia Hardworking German
Abigail The father’s joy Hebrew
Avery Wise; ruler of the elves English; French
Addison Son of Adam Old English

Famous People Named Aria

  • Aria Wallace – American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Aria Wiraraja, an Asian warrior
  • Arya Nasimi-Shad, Olympic Swimmer in 2016
  • Aria Sa’id, African American transgender advocate, and a policy advisor to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission