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Indigo Condominiums in Perdido Key, Florida – Condo Review

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We have been trying to plan a relaxing vacation for my family to unplug from everything. Something simple, yet fun. A friend told me about Perdido Key in Florida which is only about 6 hrs from Atlanta. We stayed at a place called Indigo Condos through ResortQuest and it was absolutely perfect! We had honestly never heard of Perdido Key before but it is conveniently located in between Pensacola and Orange Beach, AL. Believe me when I describe to you that Perdido Key and the location of Indigo Condos is truly a hidden paradise. You’ll never want to leave! My family was provided complimentary accommodations at Indigo Condominiums through ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals to help facilitate this review. All opinions are of course my own.

Indigo Condos Offers The Perfect Location, Convenience, Comfort, & Style

When we vacation we look for location, convenience, comfort, and style. Location is important to us. We do like to be in close proximity to a grocery store and of course the beach! Traveling with children, sometimes staying in a hotel with two double beds is not exactly the most comfortable and you lack that privacy you need. We also prefer to stay in and cook to save on the costs of eating out every night. With most vacation rentals, you have everything you need from the coffee pot, refrigerator, oven, microwave, down to the dishes & silverware!  Indigo Condos in Perdido Key definitely over delivers with everything we look for in a perfect vacation.

The minute you walk in you feel right at home. The living room was welcoming, spacious, with a large flat screen T.V. Perfect for watching some Saturday afternoon football.

Living Room at Indigo Condo Perdido Key

The condo we stayed in was a 2 bedroom / 2.5 bath and could sleep up to six people. Some of the condos on property have up to 4 bedrooms / 4 bathrooms! My husband and I had a spacious Master bedroom & bath overlooking the beautiful Gulf with entry to our balcony!

Indigo Condo Perdido Key Master Bedroom

My daughters’ room was on the other end of the condo. They even had their very own bathroom and balcony! It was nice having this much space and privacy.

Guest Bedroom Indigo Condo


The updated kitchen had everything you needed to make a delicious meal in! Overlooking the Gulf, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at this large table that seats six.

In all of our years of traveling, I don’t think I have ever seen a pool as beautiful as the one at Indigo Condos. Not only was the water of the pool beautiful, it was enjoyable to get in and have fun. My girls had an incredible time just playing in the water. Memories were definitely made here.

If you dare, there is even a hot tub that overlooks the Gulf. It just doesn’t get any more beautiful than that.

Perdido Key is known for their gorgeous Gulf views. When at the beach, you’re looking directly onto the Gulf of Mexico.Indigo Condominiums

The water is crystal clear. You can see the bottom of your feet. You can even snorkel!

Perdido Key Beach

The snow-white beaches are also another reason to enjoy the beach. I don’t think I have ever been on a beach that is so full of beautiful white sand. I took the honorary feet in the sand picture, while at Perdido Key. I want to remember this place for many years to come.

Perdido Key Beach

Since we were only there for a few days, everything was pretty busy. However, you better believe that we spent every waking moment that we could on the beach & the pool, soaking up the sun. Some of the activities we did while on the beach, included—

  • Swim
  • Nature walks
  • Dig for seashells
  • Relax and enjoy the gorgeous view

But pretty much the main thing we did while in Perdido Key was relax. I can’t tell you how good it felt to just sit back, unplug, and relax while we were there. If any of you follow along on my blog, you know we have been busy with college. My husband and I both are in college and we have a Senior about to graduate who is also enrolled in college as well.  Life is crazy busy and the one thing we needed right now was to sit back and relax, which is exactly what we did.

My family keeps telling me it was an unforgettable trip and I keep saying the same thing. If you are interested in stunning Gulf views, then Indigo Condominiums is the perfect place to stay! We couldn’t ask for more perfect accommodations. It was everything we could imagine plus more. It’s a hidden gem and in my opinion the perfect location. When you’re ready to book your vacation, make sure you look up Indigo Condos through ResortQuest We are already planning our stay here for next year!


Check out this video of our experience at Indigo Condos in Perdido Key. I think you’ll love joining along as my family had the experience of a lifetime.

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