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How To Make Banana Pancakes – Easy Recipe For Breakfast

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Tired of serving up the same thing for breakfast over and over? Looking for a way to get your children to eat a higher amount of fruits and vegetables (without them knowing)? Or perhaps you are in the mood for breakfast for dinner but you don’t want to have the typical “breakfast” fare.

How To Make Banana Pancakes

Nodding your head yes to any of these questions? Then you definitely want to check out this latest recipes for Banana Pancake Dippers! They are based around a plain pancake recipe but with a sweet twist.

Why Eat Bananas?

What is it about bananas that helps them always make the list when it comes to healthy eating? Is it because they are classified as a fruit? Or are there additional benefits that people might not be aware of? There are! A medium-sized banana has tons of health benefits in the form of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

So what are the most common vitamins, minerals, and/or nutrients that can be found in a single (medium-sized) banana? Bananas are one of the highest ranked fruits when it comes to levels of Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, fibre, and Potassium. In one single banana, you get all of these and the best thing about them? They are fat-free, they are cholesterol-free, and they are sodium-free in their natural state.

When your body receives Vitamin B6, its getting help to produce red blood cells, metabolise carbohydrates and fats, remove unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys, and maintain a healthy nervous system.

When your body receives Vitamin C, it’s getting help to protect your body against cell and tissue damage, absorb iron faster, and support positive brain health in terms of producing serotine and increasing functions, and produce higher levels of collagen (which maintains and improves skin elasticity).

When your body receives fiber, it’s getting help to control your blood sugar level, get rid of fatty substances, and aid in digestion.

When your body receives potassium, it’s getting help to maintain an overall good health level and a healthy blood pressure level (this is due to the lack of sodium).

Alternatives to Syrup for Pancakes

Tired of maple syrup for your pancakes or never been that big of a fan of the taste? Maple can definitely be an acquired taste and if you don’t love it, then why not try something else to dip your pancakes in?

Here are some alternative options but really, the choices are unlimited and completely dependent on what you like the best:

  • Honey – naturally sweet, naturally delicious, will coat the pancake without soaking into the batter.
  • Jam or Jelly – adds texture and sweetness, can use homemade, store-bought, etc.
  • Peanut Butter – boost the health benefits by using a scoop of peanut butter.
  • Caramel Sauce – looking for a sweet kick without the taste of maple? Caramel sauce.
  • Fresh fruit and whipped cream – make a meal that is fit for a king (or queen) by using fresh fruit drizzled with whipped cream.

Kitchen Equipment you’ll need:

  • Griddle or Skillet
  • Spatula
  • Fork

Ingredients to make the banana pancakes:

  • 1-2 Medium sized Bananas
  • Pancake Mix (either homemade or packaged)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • Syrup (or alternative dipping sauce)

How to prepare the banana pancakes: step by step guide

Step 1: mix batter

Preheat the griddle or skillet to medium heat. Mix up the pancake mix according to the instructions or prepare your own from scratch using your normal recipe. Don’t add any additional ingredients (such as fruit, chocolate chips, etc.) to the pancake mix, just prepare it as instructed. Stir the 2 tsp. of vanilla into the pancake mix. Stir until you are certain that it has been absorbed by the batter and evenly distributed. Place mix to the side until later.

Step 2: slice bananas

Using a sharp kitchen knife, slice the bananas on a diagonal into slice that are approximately 2 inches thick. You can go bigger or smaller; the size is whatever you prefer but they must be at least 2 inches thick.

Step 3: Prep skillet

Melt butter on the griddle or skillet. This is the base to prevent the banana pancake dippers from sticking and burning. You can use margarine if you prefer or whatever healthy alternative you tend to use.

Step 4: Dip

Dip the banana slices into the pancake batter one at time, allowing the batter to fully coat both sides of the slice. If you want to use a spoon instead of your fingers to submerge the banana slices, you can as long as whatever method you use completely coats the slice.

Step 5: Cook

Place the coated banana slices directly onto the hot griddle or skillet. Allow them to cook for approximately two to three minutes (or until golden brown). Using the spatula, flip the banana slice over to cook the other side – cook for two to three minutes or until golden brown. Remove the cooked slices from the griddle or skillet.

Step 6: serve and enjoy!

Pile the cooked banana slices onto a plate or place in a bowl. Serve hot with syrup or whatever alternative you prefer. Enjoy as many as you want!





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