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23 Easy DIY Sewing Projects You Can Try At Home

By Elisha Baba


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Many of us are of the opinion that we would like to one day learn how to sew, but for many of us, taking that very first step is tough. For one thing, learning how to sew involves a lot of trial and error, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s not every day that we feel up to those kinds of ups and downs!

The key to mastering the craft of sewing — or any craft, really — is to ease into it. This means avoiding projects that are way beyond your skill set, as they will likely just leave you feeling defeated and discouraged. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still make beautiful things. In this article, we have gathered our favorite sewing projects that can easily be tackled by beginners.

1. Placemats

When we say easy, we mean that we are starting very easy. If you are just starting to flex your sewing skills, then placemats are a great place to begin. It’s not quite as simple as cutting out a rectangle and leaving it at that — you still need to get the seams right. This guide from Hello Creative Family will show you how to do it.

2. Fabric Flowers

And now for something a bit more complicated, but a lot more beautiful! These fabric flowers look intricate, but don’t let that scare you away. They are easier to make than they look! Here is a selection of 30 different kinds of fabric flower patterns that you can choose from.

3. Pajama Shorts

We wouldn’t be able to make it through this list without mentioning at least a few items of clothing! If you’re going to make clothes, pajama shorts are a great place to start. It’s low stakes, but will also result in you having a comfy wardrobe item that you can use! Get the lowdown here.

4. Bean Bag Chair

This one is for the kids! This bean bag chair tutorial from Project Nursery is not only easy to follow but is also sure to keep the young ones busy for at least an afternoon. Plus, it’s an accessory that the adults are sure to love, too!

5. Easy Throw Pillows

Sofas are just adult-sized bean bag chairs, right? Right? Whether or not you agree with that, there is one thing that you will be sure to agree on: couches need cushions. And you can make them with minimal sewing talent! Find out how here.

6. Cloth Napkins

What’s a dinner party without ornate napkins? In this day and age, it would be hard to justify using something as wasteful as old-fashioned paper napkins. Cloth napkins are objectively better. You can make your own by following this guide from Back Road Bloom.

7. Sunglasses Case

Everyone needs a place to keep their sunnies! Even if you do not call them that, you do not want to be keeping your precious eyewear loose in your bag — that is just asking for trouble. Keep them safe with this DIY sewn case from Sew Simple Home.

8. Simple Pouch

We’re not going to ask you what you plan to keep in this pouch — the choice is yours and the options are endless! One thing that we do know, though, is that it is easy and fun to make. We love the way that this example utilizes a cute little button!

9. Apron

Something’s cooking in the kitchen, and you better hope that you have an apron on to protect your clothing from food splatter! If you don’t own one, don’t run out and buy one — sew one instead. This simple step-by-step guide from Back Road Bloom will show you how.

10. Table Runner

A table runner is an example of an item that every home used to have, though they are not quite as common these days. Give your home a vintage touch with a handmade table runner crafted from the fabric of your choice. Grab the tutorial here from a Beautiful Mess.

11. Cord Keeper

If you’re not familiar with a cord keeper, say hello to your new best friend. Basically, this is a simple piece of fabric that uses a button to keep track of your power cord so that it doesn’t untangle while in transit! Grab the idea here.

12. Baby Headbands

If you have a friend who is expecting a baby, or if you are expecting a baby yourself, there is a chance that you will want to have some kind of fashionable accessory on hand for the baby’s first photoshoot. Why not make it extra special by using something homemade? Here is an adorable tutorial from Coral and Co.

13. Simple Tote

Tote bags are so handy! Not only are they great for a trip to the grocery store, but they are also rather fashionable, and make a great canvas for expressing yourself. You will feel very proud of yourself when you accomplish this one —and you’re sure to accomplish it with this great guide from HGTV.

14. Can Cozy

This drink holder is designed to fit perfectly over cold drinks to help keep them stay longer, and to help keep the hand that is holding them from getting frosty! You can use the fabric of your choice to help yourself stand out at parties. Find the how-to guide here.

15. Fabric Seat Cushions

Seat cushions are not only a way to help keep guests comfortable, but they are also a way to give your furniture a unique look! The easiest tutorial that we have come across is this one from In My Own Style.

16. Portable First Aid Kit

We love ourselves a practical arts and crafts project (okay, so we also love ourselves an impractical arts and crafts project, but that’s another topic for another day). What could be more practical than a first aid kit? This fabric supply holder has a compartment for every essential item that you need to protect yourself in times of emergencies.

17. Scrunchie

The 80s are back! At least, scrunchies are. While you can purchase scrunchies online or at craft markets, it’s way more fun if you make your own. It’s rather simple, too, especially when it is laid out as simply as it is in this Martha Stewart guide!

18. Fabric Keychains

These fabric keychains make a great gift idea, although we won’t tell if you’re only making them for yourself! This guide from Sew Simple Home shows you how to make unique keychains with only a few different materials. Why not make them for the entire family?

19. Laundry Bag

Speaking of family, why not use your newfound sewing skills to work to create something that will be useful in completing your family chores? What could be more useful than a laundry bag? This example from So Sew Easy will have you volunteering to do laundry.

20. Luggage Tag Cover

If you’re embarking on a new adventure, you’re going to want a way to differentiate your luggage from everybody else’s. Of course, one easy way to do this is by a luggage tag — but what if another traveler also happens to have the same luggage tag as you? The chances may be slim, but we want no room for error when it comes to your precious cargo. You’re best off making a unique DIY luggage tag. Here are some instructions. These also make a great gift idea!

21. Simple Bib

On the topic of baby gifts, there is another item that makes a great shower present: a homemade bib. Even if the expecting mother is receiving other bibs as gifts, it is definitely an item that no mother can have too many of. Plus, the fact that you made yours will make it extra special. Here is a guide from Apple Green Cottage that will show you how.

22. Yoga Mat Carrier

If you’re a yoga lover, then you probably want to do everything in your power to take good care of your mat. This, of course, requires that you use a carrier for your mat to protect it from the elements! Why not sew one for yourself by following this tutorial from Stitching Sewcial.

23. Decorative Fabric Flags

Decorative flags are nothing new as far as party decorations go, but we love the modern take that has these flags being made out of fabric! Here is a pattern that you can use to create this look from The Happy Housie.

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