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13 DIY Phone Case Ideas

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Our phone is, without a doubt, our most-used accessory. At least, this is true for the majority of us. Because of this, it makes sense that we would want a protective case for our phone that truly reflects our personality. But what are we to do if we can’t find something that speaks to us on the shelves in the stores?

DIY Phone Case Ideas

If you guessed that we give it the ‘ole DIY approach, then you would be quite right! In this article, we will be offering a selection of our favorite homemade phone cases. If you find one that speaks to you, feel free to give them your own touch —you don’t need to follow the rules exactly.

Cute DIY phone case ideas

1. Pressed Flowers

Do you remember the old pressed flower crafts from the 90s? Well, they’re back, and this time they have a very practical use to serve as a phone case. To create this, as per Instructables.com, you’ll need to have your hands on a plastic phone case, which you can do through a variety of online marketplaces. Then, you will need some sort of method to press your flowers.

This can be done in the most simple of fashions by keeping your flowers between two hard books for around a day. However, there are actual tools on the market that are specially designed to press flowers successfully, if you would like to be extra sure that your flowers will come out successful.

You will then need resin, which will work to harden your flowers and make them durable enough to withstand life in a phone case. The best part about this project is the room for customization —you can use any flower of your choosing!

2. Monogrammed Initial

There is just something about monogrammed items that make them feel like they are more ours. While it may certainly be possible to buy a monogrammed phone case, there is something to be said about making your own!

We like this tutorial from Homemade Banana that uses paint and a stencil to create a solid initial on a leather phone case. Even if you don’t trust your hand to stay steady enough to decorate a phone case, this tutorial is so in-depth that it will have you being very prepared before you even begin to decorate your case.

3. Cute Glitter Case

Who doesn’t love glitter! If the store shelves are any indication, it seems as if everyone and anyone wants to adorn their phone with a case made of glitter. However, there is one major problem with the majority of glittered phone cases that you’d find on the market: they all leak glitter everywhere!

There is one way to remedy this, and it’s by creating your own glitter phone case. We can’t guarantee that your workspace won’t be completely covered in glitter by the end of your craft, but we can say that your experience of holding a glittery phone will probably be improved.

This tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks will tell you everything that you need to know. Believe it or not, you will only need four supplies: a clear phone case, glitter, a paint brush, and gloss! Of course, you can use the glitter color of your choice.

4. Felt Sleeve

While a protective case is enough for most people to feel secure that their phone won’t be vulnerable to cracks and chips, some of us prefer to take it a step further and have a carrying case for our phones, as well.

The good news is that these cases are even easier to make than regular phone cases! This is especially true if you are looking for a phone case that is made out of felt. Felt is not only sure to keep your phone warm if you live in a cold climate, but it is also relatively inexpensive and easy to get your hands on! Get the tutorial from Star Magnolias.

5. Studded Case

Almost as popular as a glitter case is a studded case. However, don’t let their popularity scare you away! There is a reason why many folks want to have a phone case like this tucked into their back pocket. They’re fashionable, and functional! And, as an added bonus, they also happen to be pretty easy to DIY and can be completed in merely fifteen minutes.

This tutorial from Pinterest is particularly easy to follow, and will walk you through how to effectively glue your studs onto the back of your phone case. The best part? The supplies involved in this project will only cost you a fraction of what a similar phone case would cost on the store shelves.

6. Photo Collage Case

Sure, we can keep photos of our friends and relatives as a background on our phone, but what if we want even more prominent displays of their faces? It would be rather hard to find a premade case that has pictures of your loved ones in the store, so you’ll have to go about making one yourself.

That’s okay — it’s a lot easier than it seems. In fact, this tutorial from Rookie Mag will take you through the step-by-step process that is required to make a collage that is so uniquely you that everyone will know your phone from miles away.

7. Washi Tape

Are you familiar with washi tape? If you’re even somewhat of a bullet journaler, then chances are that you are. However, just in case you haven’t heard of it before, here is a brief intro: washi tape is an adhesive decorative band that is either solid colored or made up of designs. It is often used on paper, but it can stick to many other surfaces. Such as phone cases!

Whoever first thought of applying washi tape to their phone must have been a genius, because it really seems like the two are made for each other. Here is a tutorial that will pull it all together from the Crafty Blog Stalker.

8. Beautiful Pearl Case

Much like studded cases, pearl phone cases seem to be all the range. There must just be something about different textures that people love! It makes sense when you consider that we spend many hours every day holding on to our phones. It’s all about that grip! This guide from Sydne Style takes an old phone case and turns it into a jeweler’s dream that is sure to dazzle you.

9. Geometric Print

Geometric prints are so versatile! Not only can they make a great painting, but they are also a popular choice for phone patterns. But what are you to do if you cannot find a geometric pattern that suits your style on the store shelves? That’s a rhetorical question — we know you know that you’ll have to make one! Here are three different patterns from Pumpkin Emily that will help get your creative juices flowing. You can apply them to your phone with paint and gloss.

10. Starry Night Case

Who doesn’t love a night scene? If it was good enough for Vincent Van Gogh, then it’s good enough for us — that’s our motto! If you would like to introduce a bit of twilight into your style, then you will need to turn your attention to this tutorial that comes courtesy of this YouTube tutorial, ASAP. The end result may not look exactly like the famous painting, but it’s still rather celestial!

11. Nail Polish

If you think that nail polish is too translucent to lend itself to a phone case, think again! As this guide from The Spruce Crafts shows us, not only is it possible to make a trendy phone case out of nail polish, but it’s actually possible to make an exquisite marble pattern! It’s not even difficult.

12. DIY Leather Pouch

We couldn’t close off this list without including another option for a DIY phone carrying case. It can be complicated to work with leather, but once you know what you are doing, the possibilities are truly endless. You can even use upcycled leather, so that you are doing your part for the environment at the same time! Learn how from Instructables.com.

13. Candy Box

And now for something different. We just love how creative this idea is from Creative Upcycling (though I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, considering that it’s right there in their name). Converting an (empty) candy box into a phone holder is simple yet brilliant. The poster with this tutorial used Good and Plenty, but you can use the box of the candy of your choice! Choose wisely — you’ll have to eat it first!

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