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DIY Grill Station Ideas You Can Build Easily on The Backyard

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Who doesn’t love to grill? If you don’t feel like you love it, then you might not just have the right grill station set up. And that is simply not acceptable — especially when there are so many easy DIY grill stations out there that you could set up for yourself! Don’t worry if you do not know where to begin.

DIY Grill Station

We are about to blow your mind with this offering of the best DIY grill station tutorials on the internet. We are sure that every single one of these will provide you with the perfect backyard set-up — you can’t go wrong no matter which tutorial you choose to follow through on.

Simple DIY Grill Station Ideas

Rolling Outdoor Grill

For those of us with large backyards or patio areas, we are sure to appreciate a rolling grill. This way, you can bring all of your supplies back and forth to the grill area without having to make a bunch of separate trips. For example, you could bring the cart to your back patio door, load it with your food and spices, and then roll it back to where your BBQ is located. You can get the plans for a DIY rolling outdoor grill over at Pneumatic Addict.


An outdoor grill station, but make it fancy! One of the things that we love most about grilling is the fact that it can be done in a very minimalist way (like with a small outdoor propane BBQ) and also in a very maximalist way. One example of the maximalist way is this very involved tutorial that comes from Ana White. The good news is that it is a lot easier to put together than it seems!

Granite Topped Grill

If you thought that granite countertops were only for fancy kitchens that you see on the home improvement channel of TV, then think again! You can actually have your very own granite countertop by following the instructions for a DIY grill we have found on Homedit from Grandma’s House DIY. Granite is an expensive material, but you can sometimes find it on sale at hardware stores or specialty tile stores. No matter how you source it, you are sure to create an outdoor area that will last you for years to come.

Full Outdoor Kitchen

We know that you asked for only an outdoor grill, but while we’re here why not go for an entire outdoor kitchen? It is not as difficult to do as it sounds, especially if you follow this thorough tutorial from Popular Mechanics. While this is probably best suited for somebody who lives in a warmer climate where an outdoor kitchen can be used for most of the year, it is also a great project for anyone who just really loves to cook.

Cedar Block Grill Station

What if woodworking isn’t your thing? Well, lucky for you, you can make use of concrete blocks instead. Not only are concrete blocks a really cheap building material, but they are also really easy to work with. It doesn’t take a lot of concrete blocks to create a large structure that you can make good use of. See how you can make a great grill station out of concrete blocks over at Our Fifth House.

Stone Grill Island

What if you want your backyard grill to make you feel like you are in a tropical oasis? That’s the idea behind this stone grill island that looks like it is right out of a vacation home in the Caribbean. This one takes a bit more elbow grease, but you can see how you could pull it off by following the instructions over at This Old House.

Pallet Grill Station

It wouldn’t be an article with DIY ideas if there wasn’t a pallet craft somewhere on here! When used correctly, pallets can make a very good grill station structure. Just make sure that you are always sourcing your pallets from a reputable place, and make sure that they have not been treated with toxic chemicals the way that some pallets have been. Get the idea here.

Grill With Pergola

Do you know what a pergola is? It is basically an outdoor structure that consists of columns and beans. Many people will use pergolas to hold plants and flowers, or even fabric and lights. We love the way that this DIY backyard grill from Instructables shows how you can fit a grill inside of a pergola. It’s up to you how you decide to decorate it!

Concrete Countertop Outdoor Grill

This DIY outdoor grill from Instructables is the real deal—it uses a metal frame, stucco, and then a hyper-durable concrete countertop. It takes a little bit of work to pull off, but if you can figure it out it’s sure to serve you well. Your guests will never believe that you pulled it off yourself because it will look like it was professionally installed.

Outdoor Kitchenette

If you live in a warm area and are wanting to expand your kitchen space, then this one is for you. This large grill station is more of a kitchen space than a standard grill area, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone who finds their indoor kitchen space lacking. It is also ideal for anyone who likes to entertain.

DIY BBQ Island

This outdoor grill cart from Decor and the Dog is not for hosting a grill, but it is still really helpful for your grilling activities. That’s because it can hold all of your grilling materials like grill tools and condiments. You could even use it to serve the food that you cook on your BBQ. The best part? It looks adorable, and it’s on wheels, which means that it can go wherever you go! This is also one of the easier grill tutorials on this list.

DIY Propane Grill

What if you just want a little set-up that consists of using a small propane grill? If you already have a propane barbeque that you are looking to incorporate into an outdoor station, you can follow this tutorial from Hometalk and be well on your way to having a backyard grill area.

Built-In Outdoor Station

Here is another option for anyone who is looking for a more professional kind of outdoor grill station. You can follow the steps over at Lucky Belly to end up with something that looks like it cost tens of thousands of dollars to install. Of course, you won’t be spending this amount of money if you are taking care of the installation yourself.

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The Outdoor Grill For People With No Experience

The whole premise of this DIY outdoor grill tutorial from Buzznick is that it was built by somebody who had no experience at all building large outdoor projects, let alone something as complex as an outdoor grill. If this sounds like you, you may want to follow this tutorial, which is thankfully laid out very clearly with photos and in-depth descriptions.

Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Here is a choice that may work for anyone who is not looking to use a propane outdoor grill. This simple DIY grill station from the Online Grill uses charcoal. The best part? There are a lot of different food types that actually taste better when they are cooked over charcoal, such as vegetables.

Pizza Oven DIY

Okay, so this isn’t so much an outdoor grill as it is a vessel for cooking pizza, but please bear with us. We thought we would include this because it presents a great solution for anyone who loves pizza and wants to entertain. An added bonus is the fact that a wood-burning pizza oven will actually add value to your home’s property. You can get a very simple wood-burning pizza oven tutorial from HGTV.

Now that you have so many DIY grill ideas, there is no excuse for not having a summer full of entertaining and grilling!

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