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23 DIY Gift Ideas for Dad

By Elisha Baba


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Dads are beloved for many things, but one of these things is not being easy to buy for! Anyone who has gone through the struggle of shopping around for a gift for their dad knows that it can sometimes be a very taxing struggle. It’s no wonder that many choose to seek out ideas for a homemade gift, just for something different. Even if you know you have your heart set on making DIY magic happen this year, though, it can be hard to know which DIY craft to go with.

Fortunately, though, there are resources to help you — list this list right here! Stick with us as we do through some of the most popular gifts that creative people are crafting for the father figure in their life this year. We will do our best to consider a few different categories, so that there is something for everyone’s dad and their unique interests. Let’s dive in!

Cool Birthday DIY Gift Ideas for Dad

1. Dad Cookies

It may seem like a cop out to start this list off with a homemade gift, but who doesn’t like a set of homemade cookies? You could go with something “dad” themed, as per this “dad joke” example from Wilton, or you could go with an assortment of classic Christmas cookies and include favorites like whipped shortbread and thumbprint cookies.

2. Hand-stamped Handkerchief

Think handkerchiefs are a thing of the past? Think again! This handy, environmentally friendly item is sure to be a hit among all dads — it’s in their dad genes! Get the tutorial from Sewing.com.

3. Firestarter kit

If there is one thing that we understand to be true about dads, it’s that they all secretly want to be left in the woods to fend for themselves. And they won’t get very far in the woods without a way to make fire. Help them out by gifting them a unique “DIY fire starter kit” this holiday season.

5. Homemade Olive Oil

Even if your dad doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, who is to say that you cannot still create a homemade treat for him to enjoy? If your dad is more of the savory type, this easy-to-do homemade olive oil might appeal to him.

6. Bouquet O’ Beer

The only thing better than receiving a bouquet of flowers is receiving a bouquet of beer. What’s a bouquet of beer, you ask? We’re glad you asked, because we are excited to share with you the fact that you can stick fake flowers in between beer bottles and then call it a “beer bouquet”. Not only will your dad appreciate the gift of alcohol, but it will also surely give him a laugh, too!

7. “World’s Greatest Pop” Jar

“Pop” is just one of the many words floating around out there that we use to refer to our dads, and this DIY gift idea uses it as inspiration. This “World’s Greatest Pop” jar is filled to the brim with “pop” related treats, like a can of soda pop, popcorn, and a ring pop. Dads love puns!

8. “Stache” Jar

Remember when moustaches were all the rage in, like, 2012? Those days may have passed but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still appreciate the moustache as a great craft motif! To make this gift, all you need to do is draw a moustache on a can and then fill it with your dad’s favorite treats. It’s sure to be a hit.

9. Bottle Cap Keychain

If you have gifted your dad a beer bottle before, then it might make sense to look a bit beyond this for a more creative gift idea. However, if you want it to still be beer-adjacent, why not look into different kinds of recycled gifts? We love the way that this DIY bottle cap keychain makes use of a piece that is usually otherwise garbage-bound.

10. Personalized Grill Tools

If your dad is always working on the grill, then why not give him some new grill tools this holiday season? And, while we’re at it, why not personalize them so that your dad feels extra special when he is flipping tonight’s dinner?

11. DIY Beard Balm

If your dad is the bearded type, then chances are that he uses some kind of product to ensure that his beard is in tip-top shape. Instead of having him rely on expensive store bought products, why don’t you consider making your dad some beard balm instead? It’s easier to do than you would think — check out this tutorial from the Homestead Garden!

12. DIY Lip Balm

While we’re on the topic of DIY balms, let’s face an important but often forgotten truth: men have lips that deserve care, too! We love these gender neutral recipes from Threads and Blooms — why not treat your dad with the gift of one of them?

13. Apron

If your dad spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then he needs at least one apron. If you are talented on the sewing machine, perhaps you can consider making him one yourself? You can make one rather simply using the fabric of your choice as well as an easy-to-follow tutorial.

14. Sewn iPad Case

If you are skilled at sewing, then aprons are not the only thing that you could make your dad for Christmas. How about a specially made carrying case for his iPad? There are numerous patterns for this on the internet, but we are especially fond of this one from Chica and Jo. Remember, you can use the fabric of your choice!

15. Wooden Coasters

Coasters are not necessarily a unique holiday gift in and of themselves, but there is something to be said about a gorgeous wooden coaster that doesn’t look like anything you could find in stores! Learn how from Garden Therapy.

16. Watch Stand

If your dad wears a watch, then he needs a place to keep it! This is especially true if he owns more than one watch. You don’t need to be a master woodworker to create a beautiful stand that can show off some of your dad’s prized possessions. Get it here from the Merrythought.

17. Homemade Barbecue Rub

We talked about barbecuing earlier, but tools are not the only things that can be gifted to a man who loves barbecuing. Why not take it a step further and offer up your own spice mix as a gift. Your dad can cook a delicious meal, and you can claim credit for its taste!

18. Cuff Link of Legos

If you have plenty of childhood memories playing legos, then this DIY gift is a must for you. While there are many ideas out there that are inspired by Lego, we don’t think we have ever come across quite as creative as the Lego cufflink — get the tutorial here.

19. DIY Succulents

Plant shopping may be on the rise, but there is always a certain element of risk involved in gifting somebody else a plant. After all, a plant is a living thing, and it takes a certain amount of skill and attention to tend to one. However, succulents are super easy to take care of — and they’re also incredibly pretty to look at! Why not decorate a pot yourself and put a succulent in it to gift it to your dad?

20. Remote Control Holder

No matter how organized you are, the fact that you will always lose the remote control is a part of life. Give your dad the most useful gift of all with a remote control holder that is disguised as a book.

21. Personalized Etched Glass

We all love engravings — it just adds a special touch to what are otherwise everyday items! Gifting your dad with a specialized glass that features his name of his favorite quote is easier to do by yourself than you would think: learn how to do it here. PS: if your dad isn’t much for beer, this method also works great on my coffee mug.

22. Artisanal Popcorn Sampler

Long gone are the days of microwave popcorn: nowadays, it’s all about the artisanal kernels. GIve your dad the gift of speciality popcorn by filling cute mason jars with special varieties of stovetop popcorn. To add a special touch, include a special kind of seasoning that you can add on top of the popcorn!

23. Car Emergency Kit

It’s no secret that we absolutely love practical gifts, and what could be more practical than a car emergency kit? If you are saying to yourself, “a what?”, then you’re not alone. But everyone really should keep some kind of emergency kit in their car! Here is how you can make a fashionable one to gift to your dad this Christmas season.

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