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DIY Bookshelf Ideas – Because Your Collection Needs To Shine

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Every bookworm knows that the place that we keep our books is just about as important as the books themselves! However, bookshelves can be really expensive, which means that it can be hard for us to get the library that we deserve or need. That is, at least, unless we are able to have enough DIY spirit to make our own bookshelves.

DIY Bookshelf Ideas

Don’t worry—it’s not as hard as it sounds! Here is a smattering of our favorite DIY bookshelf ideas, from projects that are designed to beginners to more advanced undertakings.

DIY Floating Shelves

DIY Bookshelf Ideas

Floating shelves are a useful decorative tool, because they give your room a look that is seamless and magazine-ready. Floating shelves can be a bit hard to install, though, and will require some finagling, so it’s best that you follow a step-by-step guide if you are thinking of installing your own floating shelves. This overview from Family Handyman is a great place to start.

Showcase Wall

One of the best things about bookshelves isn’t even the fact that they are fun to read, but also the fact that they make for beautiful wall art! Nowhere is this more apparent than in this bookshelf example from Family Handyman. Though this particular bookshelf would cost close to $1000 if you were to buy it in the store, you can make it on your own for only $300. Find out how, also from Family Handyman.

Retro TV Bookshelf

We are always a fan of DIY projects that use unconventional materials. However, we could have never imagined using an old, hollowed out TV as a bookshelf. Believe it or not, but not only does this work as a bookshelf alternative, but it actually works really well. This is a great way to save an electronic that would otherwise be headed to the landfill, as there is no way that it could survive when it has to compete with all of the other high-tech gadgets out there. Get the inspiration here.

IKEA Billy Bookshelf Hack

We often feature IKEA hacks on this list, mostly because IKEA furniture is both affordable as well as only as useful as you make it. This often means making changes to your IKEA furniture items to make them work better for you. This clever IKEA hack from Designer Trapped can help you create the perfect bookshelf that fits with your design interests.

Wardrobe Bookshelf

If you have an old wardrobe that you are no longer using for its intended purpose, why not turn it into a bookshelf? At least that is the philosophy behind this tutorial from Blesser House. Although it is actually a simple transition, we do not often think of using our furniture items like our dressers for purposes other than their intended use. However, if we start thinking outside of the box, it’s only a matter of time before the discarded furniture items in our attic don’t seem so useless anymore.

Bookshelf in Headboard

If you are in the habit of reading before bed at night, first of all, good for you! Second of all, if this is the case then you are going to want to have a spot near your bed that can keep your books handy. Or, better yet, why not use a bed frame that actually has a miniature bookshelf built into it? You can make one yourself with quite a bit of ease by following the example that is set out here.

Wallpapered Bookshelf

This is not a bookcase DIY tutorial, per se, but more of an example of how to use a bookshelf to decorate your spaces. And the best part about it? It is simple, clever, and inexpensive. All it involves is taking one of your old bookshelves, painting it, and adding a special touch. The special touch, of course, is wallpaper. Get the look from Delicious and DIY.

DIY Ladder Shelves

Ladders make great bookshelves, but we don’t recommend grabbing that ladder from your shed or garage just yet. You are going to want to use a ladder that is specifically made to function as a bookshelf. Don’t have one? Make one for yourself by following a special DIY tutorial such as this one from Collective Gem. It’s not as hard as it looks.

Wood and Brick Shelf

This one’s for anyone out there who wants a functional bookshelf that they can put together easily, or who is looking for a more industrial style. Amazing Interior Design can show you how you can make a sturdy bookshelf that can span the length of your entire back wall. All you will need is long wooden planks and bricks.

DIY Kid-Sized Bookshelf

One of the biggest fans of books are kids, but many mainstream bookshelves are just too tall to be accessible to children. Unless, of course, you put your own DIY skills to the test to try to make a bookshelf that can hang at a kid’s eye level. This is exactly what was done in this tutorial from Her Happy Home. We especially love how they took the time to paint the small shelves kid-friendly colors.

Stacked Crate Bookcase

You can make a basic but functional bookshelf out of nothing but stackable crates! And we don’t mean those crates that you would associate with milk bags, we mean the wooden stacked crates that are purchased somewhere like IKEA. It’s a bit hard to explain, so it’s probably best if you see this kind of bookshelf in action over at Tara Michelle Interiors.

Cubby Bookshelf for Kids

Here is another great DIY cubby option that is specially designed for kids! We love the way that this design from Ana White seems to take after the cubbies that you see in kindergarten. This isn’t only a type of bookshelf, but also acts as a storage vessel for your child’s other belongings. The cubby compartments are big enough that you can also fit storage bins in them.

DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf

This DIY dollhouse bookshelf idea from By Brittany Goldwyn is quite unique, and we love it for that! It is designed for children, but we are sure that this playful design could also appeal to adults, to which we say, all the more power to them. This homemade design is actually an in-between version of the dollhouse bookshelves that are offered by both Ikea and Pottery Barn.

DIY Tree Bookshelf

This tree bookshelf is truly unique, and makes a great addition to a child’s room, especially if it is following a nature theme. We think that it is truly creative in the way it combines a wall painting with actual wooden shelving.

Ladder to Book World

If you are a lover of books, you are going to want to hop on the ladder to book world. The ladder to what, you might ask? Book world! You’ll understand when you take a look at the bookshelf and ladder combo that is beautifully laid out over at SF Girl By Bay.

Industrial DIY Shelf

Here is another option for anyone who finds themselves drawn towards the industrial style of bookshelves. Taryn Whiteaker can show you how you can use painted PVC pipe to make a bookshelf that looks like something straight out of a hipster’s Instagram feed (and we mean that in the best way possible).

Ikea with Gold Spray Paint


Here is another Ikea hack for good measure! Style Me Pretty has the details on how to take a regular-looking bookshelf and turn it into a blingy masterpiece. Seriously—folks in vintage groups will pay serious money for a bookshelf that looks like this. By making one yourself you’re staying ahead of the curve.

Hexagon Shapes

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from nature! This is made very clear with these beautiful shelves that are in the shape of honeycomb. We love the way that they also have nature-themed wallpaper designs in this example from Jessica Brigham.

Grand Piano Bookshelf

This bookshelf format may seem sacrilege to classical musicians, but we promise you that there were no grand pianos harmed in the making of this bookshelf. On the contrary, the pianos were already damaged or left out for the garbage. We personally think that using a hollowed-out grand piano as a bookshelf is not only creative but also a great testament to how much we love music in general. Get the details here.

So there you have it. Now the only thing left to do is to fill these bookshelves with books, and maybe to add a comfy reading chair to set up the ideal reading nook area. Happy reading!

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