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20 Fun DIY Birdbath Projects

By Elisha Baba


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Do you want your backyard or garden to feel like your own personal oasis? Adding a birdbath to your outdoor environment will bring in the songs of beautiful birds. You can relax in your space as you watch the wildlife enjoy the little piece of heaven that you provided for them. While you could always go to the store to buy a birdbath, creating one yourself makes the decorative piece so much more unique. Here are a few DIY birdbath project ideas that will transform your backyard into a wildlife sanctuary.

1. Mosaic Birdbath

If you’ve never attempted to make a mosaic project, the mere idea may intimidate you. But don’t be discouraged because Birds and Blooms gives the crafter a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the cutest mosaic birdbath, and it’s actually much easier and cheaper than it looks!

2. Leaf Birdbath

This DIY leaf birdbath project from Damson Cottage Garden is a bit more time-consuming than some of the others on this list. With some concrete, sand, and a whole lot of patience, you’ll be able to finally admire the finished project after about a week. But all of the hard work and waiting is definitely worth it for this leaf birdbath that is totally one-of-a-kind and absolutely stunning.

3. Household Finds Birdbath

This project from my My Repurposed Life is amazing because it’s super easy to make with items that may already be lying around your house, and the finished project is too cute! You’ll need a large metal pot lid, a tall pillar candle holder, some strong adhesive, a newspaper, outdoor paint primer, and outdoor spray paint to complete this unique birdbath.

4. Iron Candle Holder Birdbath

Not only is this birdbath from Color Me Thrifty super adorable, but the total cost of all the items needed is less than two dollars! This project is great if you’re on a budget or simply love to thrift.  All of the main components of this DIY birdbath were thrifted, including the iron candle holder, ceramic base, glass coaster, and glass bowl.

5. Mosaic Birdbath Using CDs

While I’ve already covered a traditional mosaic option, but this project will help you get rid of all of those useless old CDs you have been hoarding for forever. So if you have a bunch of old CDs lying around that you don’t use anymore, this project from The Misadventures of Victoria is an innovative way to repurpose them. You just have to break up the CDs into small pieces and use the broken up parts as a mosaic. The finalized project is gorgeous, as the backs of the CDs radiate beautiful colors when the sunlight touches them.

6. Plastic Bead Birdbath

Down Home Inspiration gives us this plastic bird feeder that can easily double as a birdbath! This is a great project to do with kids because it’s so fun and simple to do. It’s a colorful project that kids will love from start to finish. From picking out the beads to watching the fascinating melting process that ends in the shape of a bowl, this DIY birdbath is sure to be an enjoyable time for everyone. Complete the project by wrapping some twine around the bowl and hanging it on a tree branch outside. 

7. Stacked Garden Pot Birdbath

This stacked garden pot idea from Home Stories A to Z would be an eye-catching piece to add to your garden. It’s really not as difficult as it looks, and there’s a step-by-step tutorial that is incredibly easy to understand. So don’t let the image deter you from giving this DIY project a shot. With the flower pots as the base of this birdbath, you can merge plantlife and wildlife together. There is also a lot of room for customization, so take this idea and let your creativity fly!

8. Alice and Wonderland Birdbath

You don’t need to fall down a rabbit hole to make your garden feel magical. This variation of the stacked garden pot birdbath from Sometimes Crafty is an ode to the magical land of Alice and Wonderland. As I mentioned before, the stacked garden pot bird bath allows for so much customization, and this project is the perfect example of allowing creativity and personalization to motivate your craft design.

9. Stacked Stone Birdbath

It’s totally okay to admit if you want a stylish bird bath without having to put in a ton of extra effort because this DIY project is the perfect option for you. Our Fairfield Home and Garden provides us with this super simple stacked stone birdbath idea that gives off major Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater vibes. The premise of this idea is to use what you already have, so that’s why you’ll find that the supplies for this project are only trash can lids and rocks. If you don’t have any metal trash can lids lying around, you could always opt to utilize a cute bowl or pot lid instead.

10. Tree Stump Birdbath

Do you happen to have a lousy-looking stump that just awkwardly sits in your yard? Well, HGTV has solved that issue by turning that lonely stump into a birdbath. The step-by-step process will transform that ugly stump into a beautiful piece of art. The stump will act as a base before a modern-looking platform and concave agricultural tiller blade (found in agricultural stores for around $20) are added to complete the birdbath.

11. The VIP Birdbath

Why not go all out and give the birds a more luxurious place to come relax and enjoy a hot summer day? Well, this idea from Erin’s Creative Energy is an effortless way to give your local birds the VIP experience whenever they visit your backyard. The main elements of this project are a bowl and a plate. While the bowl is technically supposed to hold birdseed, you just have to simply use a slightly more shallow bowl and replace the birdseed with some water and small stones. The bowl will hold the water while the plate acts as an umbrella to shade the birds from the sun, creating a luxurious VIP cabana for the birds.

12. Hanging Birdbath

Some of the other ideas on this list are made for the person who absolutely loves to craft, but what if you’re just looking for a simple DIY  birdbath? Well, Sadie Seasongoods shows us how to make this easy birdbath project by also helping you repurpose that glass lid that’s had no purpose since you broke the base of your casserole dish. This birdbath is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, despite being made entirely of an upcycled glass lid. Just use some chains to hang the glass lid from the branch of a tree, and you’ll enjoy watching the birds flock to your yard to bathe.

13. A Crafter’s Dream Birdbath

This one-of-a-kind birdbath idea from DecoArt is a crafting person’s dream DIY project. Using glass bowls and vases, wood slices, patio paint, and decorative vase fillers, you can create this colorful and unique birdbath. Whether you have these objects lying around, or you would prefer the hunt of finding them while thrifting, you’ll certainly be able to put your own creative spin on this innovative birdbath project. 


14. Lampstand Birdbath

Do you happen to have an old lamp that has been sitting around collecting dust for years, and you can’t get rid of it because you just love the lampstand? Don’t toss it out yet!  Simply Southern Mom shows us how to take that old lampstand and repurpose it into an elegant DIY birdbath project. Repurposing is great because we can take an item we already have and transform it into something that we will actually use and absolutely love. The best part about this project is that it only took $5 dollars to make!

15. DIY Filtered Birdbath

This DIY birdbath from Home Stories A to Z takes a little more effort to make at first than the rest of the projects on this list, but it is well worth it since you will have less upkeep in the long run. By using a galvanized oil pan from an automotive store, some PVC pipes, and a water pump, you can create a filtered birdbath. This project is a great option for the bird-lover who wants to give the birds a huge playground to bathe in.

16. Easy Grapevine Wreath Birdbath

Are you looking for an inexpensive option that the birds will love? This DIY grapevine wreath birdbath from Comfy Cuisine is an excellent choice for you! Not only is this project super easy to make, but it is also really beautiful as the saucer simply sits on a grapevine wreath. Just tie some rope around the project and hang it from whichever branch you see fit.

17. Tea Pot Birdbath

This teapot birdbath idea from Morena’s Corner is the perfect DIY project for you if want to add a cute decor item to your backyard that will also make the local birds happy. You don’t need to put a lot of effort into finding the necessary products for this project, as all of the products listed in the step-by-step tutorial were found at a local thrift store. This birdbath would be great for a garden tea party!

18. DIY Tomato Cage Birdbath

Do you have a green thumb and just love to garden? If that’s you, this DIY tomato cage birdbath from My Life Abundant would be a project that’s right up your alley. You likely already have the supplies lying around your backyard or garden shed. Simply take an empty tomato cage, spray paint a terracotta pot bottom, and place it on the top. You’ll be admiring your new masterpiece, and the local birds will be thanking you for repurposing items you already had into an adorable addition to your garden!

19. Step Stool Birdbath

While many of the DIY projects listed include an oversized terracotta pot, this birdbath idea from Our Fairfield Home and Garden may be the simplest of them all. If you have an extra step stool that is lying around, place the item in your garden and simply put the terracotta pot on top. It will act as an aesthetically pleasing vintage piece in your garden and take very little to no effort.

20. Serving Bowl Birdbath

This DIY birdbath concept from Home Jelly is great for someone that loves painting and crafting. To create this serving bowl birdbath, you’ll need to use tools like a hacksaw, a drill, and a clamp, so it is necessary to have a decent amount of crafting abilities for this project. What’s great about this birdbath is that the main design of the bowl can be entirely customizable, and the whole project can be completed for just $5! The final product will undoubtedly be a stunning piece of art that you and the birds can admire daily. 

DIY projects are a perfect way to get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully, you can find an option from this list that inspires you to make a birdbath addition to your backyard or garden that you’ll be proud of and the birds will love using. While some of the options on this list are great for the seasoned crafter, there are also easy DIY projects for those who may not have as much time or energy to immerse themself in a long crafting process. So choose a DIY birdbath you will enjoy making and watch the beautiful birds that will flock to your creation.

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