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15 Different Types of Tops to Crochet

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Socks, scarves, rugs: while these are all popular things to crochet, any experienced crocheter knows that it’s only a matter of time before these patterns become boring. If this sounds like you, you will be happy to know that there is another popular type of crochet-able item: a top!

Even if you aren’t somebody who knows your way around a crochet hook it’s still possible to create a top out of yarn. In this article, we will go through the different types of crochet patterns that are available, as well as the tools you will need in order to set yourself up for success.

What You’ll Need to Crochet Your Own Top

  • Crochet hook (remember: different sized hooks will create in different-sized patterns)
  • Yarn of your preferred color and variety
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Ambition and patience (having a good TV show to watch while you crochet is not a bad idea, either)

Crochet Crop Tops

Crop tops, while once a relic of the 90s, have made a major comeback in recent years to become one of the most common top trends. A crop top is a type of trendy shirt that shows a flattering view of the midriff. While it may seem counterintuitive to use a heavy yarn material on a crop top, the reality is that crop tops actually look great when made out of crocheted materials. Let these examples prove it to you.

1. Beginner Crop Top Tutorial from For the Frills

Although a crop top may not be the first clothing item that you think of when you think about crocheting a top, it’s actually a really great place to start. For one thing, the nature of its fit means that it is rather forgiving, i.e., if you make a minor error, it likely isn’t to change the way that the top sits on your skin (or the skin of whomever you are making it for).

Another benefit is that a crop top literally takes less fabric (or, in this case, yarn) than the average top, which means that it will be easier to complete. We love this tutorial because it gets right down to the basics and doesn’t attempt to confuse the reader with fancy hook techniques.

2. Crop Top Meets Halter

Crop Top Meets Halter

We love how this DIY tutorial from Made Up Style combines two of the most contagious trends in fashion right now: the aforementioned crop top, and the halter top. You would be hard pressed to find a pattern that is more simple or time-efficient, which makes this particular top a great place for a green crochet enthusiast to begin.

3. Crochet Crop Top

You wouldn’t necessarily think that you would be taking fashion advice from WikiHow, but this website is not just a great resource to learn how to properly shovel snow or how to unclog your pipes. In fact, their crochet crop top tutorial is incredibly easy-to-follow with step-by-step photos and explanations. The best part? The end result is a simple but attractive crocheted crop top that is sure to turn heads.

Summery Crochet Tops

As we’ve touched on earlier, a crocheted top makes a surprisingly good summer wardrobe addition. Although it’s true that yarn is better suited for winter when it’s made into a sweater, it can also be used to make a great, lightweight summer top. If crop tops aren’t necessarily your thing, these pretty summer tops may better fit the bill.

4. Simple for Summer

We love how this tutorial from Jenny and Teddy is not only simple, but also stunning. By looks alone, it would be impossible to determine that this top can come together in only a few hours of crocheting. Its light and airy feel makes it perfect for a bathing suit cover-up, although it can also just be worn with any standard summer outfit.

5. Sleeveless Style

If you live in a warmer climate, then this sleeveless top courtesy of Mama In a Stitch may pique your interest. Vintage-inspired and free flowing, this particular top comes with fashionable slits on the side which makes it look great with a pair of jeans or shorts. However, if you prefer to not have this as an option, you can absolutely adopt the shirt to come without a slit.

6. Button Up Crochet Blouse

Another gem from Jenny and Teddy, this crochet top uniquely features fashionable buttons down its center. Although this pattern is a bit trickier and may require a bit more dedication as a result, it comes with a very satisfactory payoff in the form of an adorable crocheted shirt.

Colorful Crochet Top Ideas

Crocheting a multicolor pattern takes a tiny bit more effort than that of a solid color, but there is plenty of motivation to put the time in when a result is that of a beautiful, vibrant top. Here are some of our favorite colorful crochet patterns.

7. Easy Everyday Top

This particular pattern from AllFreeCrochet.com circumvents the need to change yarn by relying on one single roll of yarn that is already multicolor — genius! Thanks to the large holes that string together to make this, you can add another top to your outfit by adding a colorful camisole of your choice underneath.

8. Rainbow Halter Crop Top

Okay, so we could have included this tutorial from the Lavender Chair in one of our earlier categories, but with a look this vibrant there is no denying that it belongs in the colorful category as well! This is the perfect top to add a bit of joy to your day, as well as the days of the people around you.

9. Pretty in Pink Top

If rainbow is not quite your thing but you would still like to incorporate some color into your wardrobe, then this multicolor pink shirt pattern from the Magic Loop may be a good fit for you —literally. Of course, if you would rather have a color other than pink, the pattern can also be adapted to better fit your tastes. Personally, though, we think the pink looks fabulous!

Crochet Top Patterns With Designs

Sometimes we want more out of our clothes than to have one simple, ordinary design — and that’s okay! Crochet tops can accomplish this well thanks to the versatility of yarn. Here is some of our favorite design patterns.

10. Cactus Crochet

Not only is this pattern unique and adorable, but it’s also a lot cheaper than a trip to Arizona. We love the southwest vibes that this pattern from Eclaire Makery gives off. Not only are the tree designs a great way to show off your personality, but they are also a wonderful conversation starter and a way to stand out above the crowd.

11. Airy Open Top

If you are looking for something that is completely different than all of the other entries on this list, then it is worth your while to turn your attention to this pattern from Made and Do Crew. It may be hard to imagine that you could create a crocheted top that is appropriate for a night out, but it seems that exactly this has been accomplished with this tutorial.

We love the way that the open design of this shirt leaves it open for the possibility of layering, or even for leaving it open. You could also adapt this shirt to create a short-sleeved top, or even a crop top.

12. Off-the-Shoulders With Fringe

The fringe effect on this top from My Accessory Box may look complicated, but it just might be the easiest technique that you follow out of this entire list. In fact, not only is this fringe easy to pull off on a practical level, but it also cuts down on the total time that you will spent creating this shirt as it takes up half of the length of the top.

Crochet Tank Tops

We already covered crop tops and other summery tops on this list, so it’s only fair that we cover what just might be the most popular crochet top of all — the tank top!

13. V-Neck Tank

For the Frills makes another appearance on our list with their aptly-named sea breeze top. Perfect for a day of the beach, this top has a unique symmetrical v-neck that gives it a modern look.

14. Classic Ribbed Tank

Yet another entry from For the Frills — but when can we say, they have great patterns! This flowy and free classic ribbed tank top looks like it’s straight out of a department store, in the best of ways.

15. Light Tank for Warm Days

This pattern from Simply Collectible Crochet embodies the idea that a top can both be crotched and lightweight. We love the unique neckline of this particular tank top that easily sets it above from the rest, not to mention the fact that this particular design happens to be easy to crochet.

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