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15 Cold Brew Coffee Ideas For The Best Summer Mornings

By Elisha Baba


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There is nothing quite like starting your morning with a delicious cup of joe. However, in the warmer months, you might need to switch to a cold brew coffee unless you want to overheat on your way to work. And when you don’t have experience with making cold brew coffee, this can leave you wondering just what you can do with the stuff.

Cold Brew Eiskaffe Dessert

The good news is, almost every delicious concoction you can create warm, can also be created with a cold brew! But if you want to try something new and revolutionary, then it’s time to turn to this list and try one of these delicious cold brew coffee recipes!

Best Cold Brew Coffee Ideas for a Warm Morning

1. Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte

Honey Cinnamon Iced Latte

Do you love sweets? Then this honey cinnamon iced latte from Cook Nourish Bliss is the perfect way to start your day. You will simply need some water, honey, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, cold brew coffee concentrate, and the milk of your choice. You will have to make the simple syrup in advance, however, so this isn’t the best last-minute recipe. But make a little extra simple syrup Sunday night and you can be sipping on this latte all week long – according to Walton Holcomb from Brewsmartly, these are the best syrups.

2.  Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

If sweets aren’t really your thing, you’re probably looking for a cold brew that doesn’t have a ton of extra sugar. And when you’re on a diet, less sugar and calories is always a bonus! This recipe from A Beautiful Mess requires coffee grounds, water, and shredded coconut—it’s that easy. Don’t get out of your seat to make this recipe just yet, because you have to let the coffee grounds and coconut steep for 10-24 hours, so it’s best to keep this recipe for a weekend creation.

3. Chocolate Almond Milk Coffee

Chocolate Almond Milk Coffee

Having a dairy allergy is tough, especially when it comes to heading to the coffee shop for a cold brew coffee. Thanks to this next recipe from Half Baked Harvest, this is no longer a problem because you can make your very own chocolate almond milk coffee right in the comfort of your own home. This recipe will take you all the way from almonds and water to the final product, but if you don’t have time to make your own chocolate almond milk, store-bought can work as well.

4.  Maple Almond Iced Coffee

Maple Almond Iced Coffee

Fall flavors and coffee just go so perfectly together, it can be hard to wait the entire year to only get to enjoy them for three months! But with this recipe from Coffee and Quinoa, you can make your very own maple almond cold brew coffee whenever you please! The instructions for this recipe do include grinding your own beans, so for those that don’t have a coffee press, you’ll have to think ahead and ask that the beans be ground to these specifications next time you buy your coffee!

5. Cold Brew With Boba

Cold Brew With Boba

How do you feel about boba tea? If you think it’s a treat then you will love this next cold brew recipe from The Movement Menu which involves creating a cold brew coffee complete with boba! Don’t worry though, because making your own boba is deceptively easy! Unlike some of the other recipes on this list, this one only takes about thirty minutes to prepare, if the simple syrup is made in advance, so it can easily fit into your morning routine!

6.  Long Island Cold Brew

Long Island Cold Brew

Because cold brews take so long to make properly, this may cause you to leave them as a weekend beverage only, and that’s understandable. But since you are leaving them for the weekend anyway, why not add a little something to help you relax? This long island cold brew recipe comes from Super Golden Bakes and will be a great addition to your Saturday brunch. Be careful though, because the amount of alcohol in this drink isn’t for the faint of heart!

7. Orange Spice Iced Coffee

Orange Spice Iced Coffee

If you’re scrolling this list looking for a quick coffee fix idea, disheartened by the amount of time most of these recipes take, look no further than this orange spice cold brew recipe from Kitchen Treaty. This recipe calls for cold brew iced coffee concentrate—which, for those that haven’t figured it out yet, is the trick to a cold brew coffee at a moment’s notice! Like most other recipes on this list, you will be creating your own flavored syrup, but this one only takes 20 minutes from start to finish.

8. Dairy Free Almond Honey Cold Brew

Dairy Free Almond Honey Cold Brew

This next cold brew recipe is another for those who have to avoid dairy in their diets. And because the recipe calls for almond milk as opposed to full fat milk or cream; this cuts back on the calories as well. You can find the instructions to make this delicious beverage on With Salt and Whit, and as long as you have some cold brew coffee on hand, you can be sipping this tasty concoction in under 5 minutes!

9. Cold Brew Eiskaffe Dessert

Cold Brew Eiskaffe Dessert

The best part about coffee is that it goes with so many things! From breakfast to afternoon snacks—it can even be a decadent dessert! When you want to make a coffee dessert to wow your guests, try this Eiskaffe recipe from Java Cupcake. Filled with sugar, vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and espresso powder, this is one dessert that you won’t be able to put down! Just watch how late you make it though, because that espresso powder combined with cold brew coffee could keep you up all night!

10. S’mores Cold Brew Dessert

S’mores Cold Brew Dessert

While on the subject of cold brew coffees as dessert, this s’mores ice coffee recipe by A Night Owl Blog has to be mentioned. Loaded with all kinds of tasty ingredients and topped with graham cracker crumbs to create that special crunch, this is definitely the perfect beverage to enjoy around a summer evening fire pit. Although this recipe calls for chocolate milk to create the chocolate taste, you could always add a regular milk of your choice along with chocolate syrup instead—for those not in the habit of keeping chocolate milk on hand!

11. Chocolate Mint Cold Brew

Chocolate Mint Cold Brew

Many people will tell you that you need fancy coffee beans to create the proper cold brew. But this isn’t the case at all, just ask Buy This Cook That, who has a recipe for an amazing Chocolate Mint Cold Brew using basic grocery store coffee! This is a traditional cold brew, so it will need to chill for a full 12 hours, but it will be well worth the wait once you take your first sip of this chocolatey minty goodness!

12. Basic Cold Brew Coffee

Basic Cold Brew Coffee

Maybe you’ve come this far on the list and realize you just want a basic cold brew coffee without all the extra syrups and sugars. That’s okay. Just take a look at this recipe from Simply Recipes that will walk you through the steps needed to make the most basic of cold brew coffees. Don’t be afraid to double the recipe so you can make some extra to keep on hand for the entire week you have ahead!

13. Lavender Cold Brew

Lavender Cold Brew

Floral tastes are unique, and bring summery flavor to any beverage you add them to, so get ready to add them to your iced coffee! This lavender cold brew from The Wooden Skillet is amazing because it is sugar free—as it is only sweetened with honey. Additionally, you can choose the milk you put in it, making it very easy to make this recipe dairy free, or nut free when you are crafting it for someone with allergies.

14. Vietnamese Style Cold Brew Coffee

Vietnamese Style Cold Brew Coffee

The people of Vietnam have been making cold brew coffee for decades, and as a result, they have perfected their method to produce a cold brew coffee that is simply irresistible. Learn their secrets from this recipe on Kirbie Cravings, so that you can make your own Vietnamese cold brew coffee from the comfort of your own kitchen. Be aware though, unless you use a traditional stainless-steel filter you may not be able to get this recipe just right.

15. Salted Caramel Cold Brew

Salted Caramel Cold Brew

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without including a cold brew flavored with everyone’s favorite treat—caramel! Surprisingly, you won’t need too many ingredients to make this treat according to this recipe by Kleinworth & Co. Rather you will just need some water, coffee grounds, salted caramel, heavy cream, and twelve hours to allow the coffee to brew! But luckily this recipe serves seven, so you’ll only have to make it once to keep yourself satisfied for a few days.

You probably didn’t realize that you could make this many amazing beverages until you found this list of cold brew coffee recipes! And because it’s so easy to prepare in advance for your entire work week, there is no reason not to jump on the cold brew coffee train and try some of these tasty drinks. And if you’re feeling generous, consider bringing some tasty cold brew for the entire office, or maybe just keep it to yourself, after all, you’ve got a long week ahead!

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