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Simple Breakfast Tortilla Recipe for a Great Start to Your Day

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It’s starting to become normal now to see people enjoying breakfast as both lunch and supper but it can be tiring to have the same fare over and over. It’s also not the best way to have breakfast on the go if you are trying to juggle a plate of toast, hash browns, a meat, and eggs. With people’s busy lifestyles and smaller windows of time to sit down and enjoy the coffee – the thought of having a full course breakfast is laughable.

Breakfast Tortilla

That is why today we are going to look at breakfast tortillas instead! These cheesy triangles of goodness have all the best parts of a full buffet breakfast, but they are easy to pack up and take to the road.

Using a tortilla, you are essentially going to prepare it as a breakfast wrap but with a crispier texture. Crunchy, cheesy, filling, and great for the taste buds; there isn’t a whole lot of negative to be found (or said) about these breakfast tortillas!

What is a Tortilla?

Originating in Mexico, a tortilla is a flat piece of bread that is circular and thin, almost to the point of transparency. These pieces of bread are made using wheat flour, which is molded and formed into the circular disks, traditionally by hand, that we recognize today. These circular pieces of dough are then passed over a hot flame to bake and set, leaving a soft shell that can be used in numerous recipes. However, the majority of tortillas you find on the grocery store shelves are not made by hand but rather a machine that formed the disks and then passes them over a hot element (or flame) to bake.

If you want fresh and homemade tortillas – you will have to either make them yourself or visit an area that has tortilla bakeries nearby. Remember though, the shelf life of a tortilla is not very long so most people either freeze them or purchase fresh each time they are to be used.

Equipment Needed

  • Panini Machine, Griddle, or Frying Pan
  • Spatula
  • Kitchen knife

Ingredients for a delicious Breakfast Tortilla:

  • Precooked breakfast meat of choice
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Precooked hash browns – the potato patty version gives you the best results
  • Large tortilla shells
  • Cheddar cheese – shredded or slices
  • Mozzarella cheese – shredded or slices

How to prepare the Breakfast Tortilla:

Before starting any work on the tortilla shells, themselves, you need to prepare your breakfast foods. Precook your chosen meat, your hash browns, and your eggs the same way you normally would. Let them cool while you prepare the rest of the dish.

*Fresh eggs will have the best results in terms of taste but if you generally scramble egg whites; then do that as well.

*If you are using precooked meat, for example precooked bacon strips, then you would warm them as you normally would.

Step 1: cut and place

Cut a large tortilla in half only on one side of the tortilla. Don’t slice it fully through, just bring the slice to the middle of the tortilla.

Imagine that the tortilla is in four quadrants before adding any ingredients to the dish.

In each individual quadrant, place a topping – cheese in one, eggs in another, a hashbrown in another, and the meat in the final one.

*for the best results – you can chop up all the ingredients into smaller, bite-sized pieces and add a little bit of each to the four quadrants for an even spread of taste.

*if placing the bite-sized pieces (or even the full pieces if desired) in each of the four quadrants, have the cheese placed toward the edge of the tortilla as this will create a barrier, once melted) that can help prevent the toppings from falling out.

*place unstable or lightweight ingredients, such as the scrambled eggs, to the center of the quadrant as it is less likely to fall out and make a mess while eating.

Step 2: Fold

Fold over the first quadrant *see photo* to seal the ingredients inside the tortilla. Try and make this fold as tight as possible to ensure nothing falls out.

Step 2: Keep folding

Fold that same folded quadrant to the right of the tortilla.

Then take the folded quadrants and fold down completing the wrap to be sealed with the panini press machine.

Step 3: Heat

Depending on the method in which you are planning to heat your wrap and melt the shredded cheese – have this preheated and ready to use before placing the tortilla in.

*For a flatter wrap that is compressed and perfect for on-the-go hectic mornings, use a panini machine and only heat the breakfast tortilla till it is golden brown with melted cheese.

*For a thicker and toastier (crunchier) breakfast tortilla, use a frying pan or griddle and sear the tortilla in melted butter. If choosing this method – you want to ensure you flip the breakfast tortilla partway through to toast both sides.

Step 5: serve and enjoy

Cut in half and serve with fresh fruit, a small garden salad, and a tall glass of fresh orange juice! Enjoy! This method of wrap making actually works for all meals of the day. Make a burger version, a salad version, tacos, and more.




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