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What Does the Name Wyatt Mean?

By Emma Davies


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Wyatt is a Masculine name, derived from the Medieval boy’s name Wyot. The meaning of the name Wyatt is ‘brave at war’. Wyot, the origins of Wyatt, is a version of Wigheard, another old fashioned boy’s name.

The name Wigheard is made up of two words, Wig – war – and heard – brave. This is a strong name, and the Wyatt name meaning will also suit a brave and courageous little boy.

Wyatt meaning

Wyatt originated in Old England but is a name often associated with the wild west thanks to Wyatt Earp, the infamous lawman. Traditional alternative spellings of Wyatt include Wiot and Wyot. More popularly used as a boy’s name, Wyatt can also be used as a rare baby girl’s name.

  • Wyatt Name Origin: Old English
  • Wyatt Name Meaning: Brave at war
  • Pronunciation: Why – Ut
  • Gender: Male

How Popular is the Name Wyatt?

Wyatt has remained inside the top 1000 most popular boy’s names since the beginning of the 20th century. This name first entered the top 100 in 2004 and has continued to grow in popularity.

According to Social Security Data, Wyatt reached its peak position in 2017, ranking at number 25. Wyatt has remained a popular choice and there are 7981 baby boys given this strong name in 2021.

Variations of the Name Wyatt

There are many variations of the name Wyatt. Here are some popular alternatives from other countries and origins.

GiotBrave at warNorman
WyotBrave at warMedieval English
WiotBrave at warNorman
WylieResolute protectorScottish
GuyotBrave at warFrench

Other Amazing Old English Boys’ Names

Wyatt is a strong Old English name, but there are many other boys’ names with similar origins that may inspire you.

AlbertBright and noble
AubreyElf counsel
BernardStrong as a bear
BrianFrom high or noble birth
DarwinBeloved friend
EdwardWealthy guardian

Alternative Boys Names Starting with ‘W’

If Wyatt isn’t the baby boy name of your dreams, there are many other names starting with ‘W’ to choose from.

WaltonFortified townAnglo-saxon
WillardStrong desireOld English
WinstonJoyful stoneOld English
WolfWolfOld English
WinterWinter (the season)Modern British

Famous People Named Wyatt

Wyatt is a name dating back to the Medieval period and there have been many famous people with this name over the years. Here is a list of some of the most well-known people called Wyatt:

  • Wyatt Earp – American gambler and infamous lawman.
  • Wyatt Emory Cooper – American author, actor and screenwriter.
  • Wyatt Oleff – American actor.
  • Wyatt Davis – American football player.
  • Wyatt Agar – American politician.