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Warrior Names: Embracing the Legacy of Heroic Champions

By Emma Davies


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Parents everywhere want their children to be strong and fearless. And giving them a name that means warrior could be the start in life that makes them exactly that. Has their journey into this world been full of problems and issues or maybe their first few hours, days, or months have meant they have had to fight every step of the way?

Cool Names with the Meaning Warrior

Either way, we have some great warrior names right here for you.

Warrior Names for Boys


A modern version of the name Aelfig and means elf battle. It comes from Old English.


Greek in origin and means strong warrior.


Blair is considered a gender neutral name of Scottish origin. It means battlefield.



A name with the same meaning as Evan as it is considered to be an extended version of the name. It means bow warrior or strong man.


Of French origin and means battle worthy.


A popular Muslim name with its Arabic roots and means warrior or soldier.

Modern Warrior Names for Girls


This sorceress trained noblemen for war and love while she lived in Scotland. She was also a warrior and was Irish.


Alala means war like and is a name that was given to Ares’s sister in Greek mythology.


With its origin in Latin, and means female warrior. A star in the Orion constellation is also called Bellatrix.


A name primarily used in Roman and derived from the word Bellum which is a Latin word that means war. She is considered a Goddess of war and is more than likely the Roman’s first warrior God.


This is a very old fashioned name that is not considered a popular name. It is of French origin and means bright protector. The spelling has changed through the ages and it has also been used as a surname.


With its roots in French and meaning warrior. It would be a great choice for a tough yet caring little girl.


A name of Hawaiian origin and means warrior or valiant one. It also shares its name with a native Hawaiian tree.


Means famous warrior or renowned fighter and has its roots firmly in France.

Names Meaning Fighter


Caden is a name with some mixed heritage and depending on the spelling that you use it means very different things. In Welsh, it means spirit of battle.


Another uncommon name that in Russian means fight. It is believed to have been derived from the Old Slavic name Boroslav which means conflict or glory.


Scottish in origin and means strong fighter.


Cathmore is a Gaelic name and means great warrior.


Zoe is of Greek origin and you guessed it means a fighter.

Cool Warrior Names

Parents often choose names for their children based on where they were conceived or after a family member. So there is no reason that you shouldn’t mark your little ones’ epic journey into this world with a super cool name that means warrior. Here are some cool choices for you:


Of English origin and means noble strength. The name is associated with not only strength but beauty and dates back to Anglo Norman times.


This means high and noble portraying the image of a strong warrior princess. Brianna is of Irish origin and is believed to be the feminine version of Brian. Dating back to the 10th century.


American in origin originating from Emerson a gender neutral name of British origin. Although, that itself is a variation of the German name Amalric meaning brave and powerful.


With both German and Arabic origins this gender neutral name means strong willed or salvation of God. The popularity of this name is on the rise again after a sharp decline in the late 90s.


This is a name that demands respect made up of the words for battle and strength. Its Germanic roots make it the ideal choice for a strong fierce warrior princess. Matilda is also the main character in the Roald Dahl book and shows her strength and perseverance.


Although this may not sound it but Albern is of English heritage and means noble warrior. It offers a cool and unusual name for a warrior prince.


With Celtic, English, American, and Welsh roots this name has a variety of different meanings. But we are opting for the Welsh meaning which is war leader or gift of splendor.


The roots of Milo come from the Latin word miles which means soldier. It is also believed to have Slavic roots meaning merciful. There is no better meaning for a warrior than a merciful soldier.


A variant of the name Gunther and means battler or warrior. Gunner is of German origin. It is also believed to have a Scandinavian origin and its meaning would then be bold warrior.


Another fantastic cool warrior name with German origin and means spear ruler. It was first seen in the English language in the 19th century by the Normans who settled in Britain.

A Good Warrior Name

So here are our top names for that warrior prince or princess in your life. Some names are more familiar than others but don’t discount them. Having an uncommon name will help to set your child apart and prevent them from being the 19th Laim in their kindergarten class.