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What is the Meaning of the Name Milo?

By Simona Ganea


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Milo is an ancient greek name and it is believed that it was brought to the English language in the 11th century by the normans and is still used frequently today. But, what does the name Milo mean?

What is the Meaning of the Name Milo

Like many other names, the name Milo varies dependent on what different people believe. For example, if the name came from Latin then it could easily mean solider. But, if you believe it comes from Ancient Greece like us then it would mean “yew flower”. Other people who think the name is Slavic will say it means “beloved” or “dear”.

So as you can tell, the name Milo changes its meaning depending on what languages you consider.

Traditionally, this name is used for male babies but there are plenty of variations to the name that could be suited for a female baby.

  • Milo Name Origin: Ancient Greek
  • Milo Name Meaning: Yew flower
  • Pronunciation: MY – lo
  • Gender: Traditionally, Milo is a masculine name but other variations can be used for more feminine names

How Popular is the Name Milo?

The name Milo didn’t use to be that popular in the 20th century and it was never one of the top 1000 boys’ names. However, recently it has started to climb the ranks a little more and it’s becoming a bit more popular each year.

In fact, around 2015, this name tanked in the top 300 boys’ names here in the United States. This was the first time it ranked this high since around 1900. The latest piece of information we have is that it ranked 134 in 2020 for boys’ names in the United States.

Variations of the Name Milo

If you are a lover of the name Milo but perhaps your heart isn’t entirely in it then maybe you should consider some of the variations we’ve listed below.

MilosGentle dear or pleasantSerbian
MilošCompassionate or dearSlavic
RadmiloHappy or joyful or well disposedSlavic
TihomilAdventurous or energeticCroatian
VlastimilHomeland or favorSlavic
MilivojSoldier or warSlavic
MiloszDear one or pleasant oneSerbian

Other Amazing Ancient Greek Boys Names

You may however like the idea of an ancient greek name so here are some amazing options that may take your heart.

PhinehasSerpent’s mouth or oracle
OrigenA birth of a falcon or a high born person
PalladiusFollower of Pallas
AndieManly or strong

Alternative Boy Names Starting with “M”

If you’re a fan of names starting with the letter “M” then there are many other options that we can offer you.

MichaelWho is like God?Hebrew
MateoGift of GodSpain or croatia
MatthewGift of YahwehHebrew
MicahWho is like God?Hebrew

Famous People Named Milo

Now based on the increasing popularity of this name, there are many famous people out there called Milo that you may know about. So, who are these people?

  • Milo Aukerman – American biochemist and musician as well as lead singer for the Descendents.
  • Milo Butler – The first Governer General of the Bahamas.
  • Milo Emil Halbheer – German artist who’s often known for his paintings of the French countryside.
  • Milo Hamilton – Sportscaster.
  • Milo Manheim – American Actor.