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What Does The Name Marie Mean?

By Emma Davies


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The meaning of Marie changes and varies because of its complicated origin and history.

There are many different meanings but the main one is the one coming from France. In Latin, this name translates to “star of the sea” and so the French have adopted it.

What Does The Name Marie Mean

It is also a biblical name and offers a variation from the name Mary, which there are a few of in the bible. Some considered the name to be much too holy before the middle ages and so it wasn’t used as much until then.

If you consider this name to have a more Hebrew origin then it could be a variation of the name Miryam which means beloved.

  • Marie Name Origin: French
  • Marie Name Meaning: Star of the sea/ beloved
  • Pronunciation: Muh – ree
  • Gender: This name is most often used for baby girls however sometimes you’ll see it as a masculine compound name in France

How Popular is the Name Marie

This name is a classic and has been throughout history so there’s no doubt that it’s quite a popular name. In 1901, this name ranked as the 7th most popular name in the United States. In fact, it stayed in the top 15 names until around 1925. Unfortunately, the name has begun to decrease in popularity now and its most popular season was 1958 when it was in the top 100 baby names.

Variations of the Name Marie

If you’re a lover of the name Marie but you’re not entirely sure if it’s the right one then there are plenty of variations that may take your heart. Let’s take a look at a few.

MariaOf the sea, beloved or rebelliousLatin
MareeStar of the seaIrish
MariahThe Lord is my teacherHebrew
MaireStar of the seaIrish
MarielleStar of the seaDutch
MariettaBeloved or rebelliousFrench
MarianaStar of the seaLatin

Other Amazing French Girls Names

However, you may find that French names take your heart and so there are many other options for your new baby. Some ideas are listed below.

AdrienneFrom the city of Hadria
NatalieBirthday of the Lord
AntoinettePriceless one

Alternative Girl Names Starting with “M”

Maybe you are set on deciding on a name that starts with the letter “M”. We’ve got you covered with our list below.

MiaMineAncient Egyptian
MilaGracious or dearCentral or eastern European
MadisonSon of MatthewEnglish
MayaGood motherGreek
MadelynWoman from Magdala or high towerHebrew
MargaretPearlAncient Greek
MelodyMusic or songGreek

Famous People Named Marie

As this name used to be quite popular there are a few famous people out there with this name which might appeal to you. Some of these people are:

  • Marie Antoinette – Queen of France until 1793
  • Marie Lu – Young adult author
  • Marie Fredriksson – Swedish pop singer
  • Marie Wilson – American radio, television, and film actress
  • Marie Osmond – American actress