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What Does the Name Luna Mean?

By Emma Davies


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The origin of the name Luna is known to be linked to Roman mythology and ancient Latin. Lūna means ‘moon’ in Latin and also in many other languages, including Spanish and Italian.

What Does the Name Luna Mean

The Roman moon goddess was also known as Luna and there is an interesting mythology surrounding her. Luna is believed to be the sister of Aurora (the goddess of dawn) and Sol (the god of the sun). The moon goddess was often depicted in Roman art riding a chariot pulled by two winged horses, with a crescent moon on her cape or a moon crown on her head.

This otherworldly, feminine name has its roots in Roman mythology and ancient Latin but is still a divine name for little girls born today. Cute nicknames for Luna include Lou, LuLu, Una, and Lula.

The Luna name meaning has many feminine links and is traditionally used as a name for girls. However, this name has also been used for baby boys on occasion throughout its existence.

  • Luna Name Origin: Latin
  • Luna Name Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: Loo – Nuh
  • Gender: Female

How Popular is the Name Luna?

Luna is a pretty girl’s name but it has not been a popular baby name choice until recent years. In fact, Luna was absent from the top 1000 most popular girls’ names list for 86 years, between 1921 and 2003.

The fictional character Luna Lovegood, the quirky Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter series, is thought to be the reason for the name’s sudden growth in popularity. In 2003, Luna reentered the chart at #889 and, according to Social Security Administration data, peaked at #11 in 2021.

Variations of the Name Luna

Luna is a mystical name, but perhaps you will prefer one of these variations instead.

DelunaFrom the moonSpanish
LunnetaLittle moonItalian
LulaFamous warriorEnglish

Other Amazing Latin Girls’ Names

Do you really want a Latin name for your baby girl? If Luna isn’t ‘the one’, perhaps one of these Latin names is a better fit.

MarciaDedicated to mars
FaunaGoddess of fertility
VenusGoddess of love

Alternative Girls Names Starting with ‘L’

Luna is a lovely name for a little girl, but perhaps you want some more name inspiration before choosing your favorite. Here are some more girls’ names starting with ‘L’.

LaneyBeautiful lightScottish
LaraCheerful / HappyGreek
LilaNight beautyPersian

Famous People Named Luna

A name fit for a Goddess, Luna has been around for centuries, but not many famous people have shared this mythical name. Here is a list of some of the most well known famous people and celebrities called Luna:

  • Luna Leopold – American author, hydrologist, and professor.
  • Luna Maya – Indonesian model, singer, and actress.
  • Luna Haruna – Japanese model and singer.
  • Luna Mijovic – Bosnian actress.
  • Luna Lovegood – Fiction character from the Harry Potter series.