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What is the Meaning of the Name Lauren?

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Lauren is a unisex name of French and Latin origin meaning ‘bay tree’ and ‘wisdom’. Derived from the name Laurentius, which means ‘from Laurentum’, the name was more frequently given to baby boys as the masculine French name, Laurence, and has come to signify qualities of victory and honor.

Lauren meaning

Laurence comes from the Roman surname Laurentius, and this is thought to have come from the name of an ancient Italian City, Laurentum. The name Laurence means ‘crowned with laurel,’ and the city name of Laurentum comes from the word Laurus – meaning ‘bay laurel’.

In addition, the Laurel plant was given to winners of Olympic sports in ancient Greece, and the word ‘laureate’ is given to people who have had significant achievements in a certain area – such as poetry.

The name Lauren is not only a given name but a surname as well. Most notably, it is used as a surname by fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

  • Name Origin: French/Latin
  • Meaning: Wisdom and victory
  • Pronunciation: Lor-en
  • Gender: Unisex — used for both boys and girls, but the name became more associated with girls during the 1900s.

How Popular is the Name Lauren?

The name Lauren was most popular during the 1980s and 1990s. During this time, it was most frequently used for girls. The name peaked in 1989, as the ninth most popular girl’s name in the USA.

In 1989, 21065 baby girls were named Lauren, according to Social Security Administration statistics. Although the name was traditionally masculine, there were only 134 baby boys were given the name in the same year.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Laura Bay laurel Italian
Lorens From Laurentum Latin
Laurentia Victory Ancient Rome
Lorrin The man from Lorraine Normandy
Laurena Laurel tree Latin
Laryn Victory Scottish
Lorin Laurel plant English

Other French Unisex Names

Name Meaning
Andrea Force/courage
Camille Serving at the altar
Clarence Bright and clear
Etienne Crowned
Gene Well born
Matiese Gift of God
Nikola Victory of the people

Alternative Unisex Names Starting with ‘L’

Name Meaning Origin
Lennon Dear one Irish
Lincoln Lake or pool colony Old English
London From the great river English
Lyric Words of a song English
Lux Light Latin
Lior I have a light Hebrew
Larkin Rough or fierce Irish

Famous People Named Lauren

  • Lauren Graham – American actress
  • Lauren Conrad – American TV personality
  • Lauren Cohan – British-American actress
  • Lauren Jauregui – American singer-songwriter