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What is the Meaning Of The Name Isaac?

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Isaac is a classic name of Hebrew origin that means ‘to laugh’ or ‘to rejoice’. Derived from the name Yitzchak, it is a name with roots in the Bible that has come to signify joy and laughter.

What is the Meaning Of The Name Isaac

The name is featured as the son of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. According to the story, the Biblical name is significant because it reflects the joy and surprise Sarah experienced when she learned she would have a son in her old age. 

  • Name Origin: Hebrew
  • Name Meaning: He will laugh
  • Pronunciation: EYE-zək
  • Gender: commonly used as a masculine name

How Popular is the Isaac Name?

Once a popular name, Isaac disappeared from the top baby name lists but made a comeback in the 1990s. Since then, it has made a steady incline reaching number 28 in 2013 and still at 39 in 2020.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Ike laughter Hebrew
Isa Laughter; salvation of God; the Lord helps me Hebrew
Zac God Remembers Hebrew
Isaiah God is salvation Hebrew
Izel Unique Aztec
Isra Riches Arabic
Isidore The gift of procreation Greek

Isaac in Other Languages

Names Language
Iisakki Finnish
Isaak Dutch
Isac Romanian
Isacco Italian
Isaka Swahili
Isaque Portuguese
Ishak Turkish

Alternative Names Starting with ‘I’

Feminine Alternatives

Name Meaning Origin
Isabella God is perfection Spanish
Isabelle Devoted to God French
Isai Music Hebrew
Isannah Combination of Isabel and Susannah American

Male Alternatives

Name Meaning Origin
Ichabod Without honor Hebrew
Ignatius Fiery Latin
Irwin Boar Friend Old English
Ivan God is gracious Greek

Famous People Named Isaac

  • Isaac Albéniz, Spanish pianist and composer.
  • Isaac Kashdan, American chess grandmaster.
  • Isaac Hayes, American singer-songwriter, winner of an Academy Award with the song “Theme from Shaft”
  • Isaac Stern, a Ukrainian-born American conductor and violinist.
  • Isaac Heller, American toy manufacturer, co-founder of Remco