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Greek Mythology Names and Their Ancient Meanings

By Emma Davies


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You are about to become parents and are on the lookout for a unique name for your little god or goddess. Look no further than Greek mythology for names that are not only original, and not hugely popular but also have incredible meanings and backstories.

Greek Mythology Names

If you want your little man to be the next Zeus, Apollo, or Hermes go for it but if you want something less common keep reading.

Common Greek Mythology Names

Let’s kick off this list with some of the names you have more than likely come across when you have been looking for names from Greek mythology.

ZeusGod of sky and thunder.
ApolloGod of archery, dance, and music.
AphroditeGoddess of love, lust, pleasure, and passion.
AresThe God of war and courage.
PersephoneDaughter of Zeus and Demeter and became the queen of the underworld.
AthenaGoddess associated with wisdom and warfare.

Greek Mythology Names and Meanings

The above are of course amazing but predictable names of gods from Greek mythology and so are a popular choice when it comes to baby names. But if you want your little bundle’s name to not only be unique but super cool you are going to need to look a little deeper into Greek mythology.

There is a chance that there will be another Athena in your daughter’s kindergarten class, but what are the chances of there being another Brizo in her class? The common gods’ names like Zeus, Jason, and Clio are all good choices, but by looking a little deeper you could find truly unique Greek gods and goddesses’ names and have some fun in the process.

Greek Gods Names


Origin: Greek

Meaning: He was the patron god of the Acelous River also known as silver-swirling.

Alternative Spelling: Acheloios


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A primordial god of the upper light, air, space, atmosphere, and heaven.

Alternative Spelling: Aither


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Often referred to as ‘the north wind’ he was both a wind god and a Greek god who was the bringer of winter.

Alternative Spelling: no alternative spelling found.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: One of twins Castor and Pollux were changed by Zeus into the constellation known as Gemini.

Alternative Spelling: Kastor


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Titan god of the heavenly constellations and the measure of the year.

Alternative Spelling: Kreios


Origin: Greek

Meaning: A primordial god of darkness and means nether darkness.

Alternative Spelling: Erebos


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Glory of Hera and was the name of Zeus son with a mortal woman Alcmene.

Alternative Spelling: Herakles


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means power, and strength. In Greek mythology it is the name of one of the sons of Styx and Pallas.

Alternative Spelling: Cratos


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means water and was the name of the god of the sea.

Alternative Spelling: Neros


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means of the mountains.

Alternative Spelling: Oros


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means shepherd and protect. In Greek Mythology, Pan was half man, half goat god.

Alternative Spelling: None found


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Unknown meaning but was the God of fertility and the garden.

Alternative Spelling: Priapos


Origin: Greek

Meaning: The Greek legend is the name of King Priam’s son who was killed by Achilles.

Alternative Spelling: Troilus


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means yellow and is the name of several minor figures in Greek mythology.

Alternative Spelling: none found

Greek Goddess Names


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means thorn or prickle. She was a nymph that was loved by Apollo

Alternative Spelling: Akantha


Origin: Greek

Meaning: In Greek mythology, this was the name given to the nymph that took Zeus in and cared for him.

Alternative Spelling: Adrastea


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Menas song and in Greek Mythology she was one of the three original muses.

Alternative Spelling: Aode


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means to shear and was the name of the goddess of the harvest.

Alternative Spelling: Karme


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means beautiful voice and she was the goddess of poetry and eloquence.

Alternative Spelling: Kalliope


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means echo or a reflected sound. In Greek mythology, she was a nymph who was given a speech impediment so she could only repeat what others said.

Alternative Spelling: Eche


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means lovely and she was one of nine muses.

Alternative Spelling: Non that are known


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means a violet flower and the name given to an ocean nymph.

Alternative Spelling: none found


Origin: Greek

Meaning: This name is of unknown meaning but she was a Spartan queen and mother of Zeus children.

Alternative Spelling: none found


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means dark and black.

Alternative Spelling: none found


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means exercise and practice it is also the name of the muse of meditation.

Alternative Spelling: None known


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means bright and in Greek mythology she was the ill fated love of Aphrodite’s stepson Hippolytos

Alternative Spelling: Phaidra


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Means trust and faith.

Alternative Spelling: none found.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Derived from the Greek and means yellow, blond, or fair haired.

Alternative Spelling: none known.

Names of Greek Mythology

So there you have some of our favorite yet nontraditional names from Greek mythology. But choose one fo these names with caution and ensure that you have done your homework with regard to their back story as many names from Greek mythology have a less than happy story attached to them. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to start your little ones’ life off with an unfortunate meaning to their name.