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Unforgettable Funny Names

By Emma Davies


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It’s pretty standard to hear some people’s names and have no choice but to giggle, whether it’s the pronunciation, the spelling, or something else. These names will be sure to give you a good ol’ chuckle. But what about some common names that have some very funny meanings?

Funny Names for Baby

This is an important thing to consider when looking for baby names, does this mean something inappropriate or funny in a different language?

Common Names and Their Inappropriate Meanings


Pippa – Princess Kate’s sister’s name, no doubt that it is lovely. Whilst this name means ‘lover of horses’, it actually has a very unfortunate meaning in another language. The name is Greek slang for a certain sexual act (we’ll let you Google this one…).


A beautiful name to call your daughter, but you may want to reconsider – as this name has Punjabi translations (‘pig’), Southern Indian translations (‘pointy nose’), as well as Japanese translations (‘pickpocket’). On the other hand, if you really like the name, the Hebrew and Persian meanings are a lot nicer (‘princess’ and ‘red rose’).


We may not see a lot of babies nowadays being named Roger, but the name’s meaning is still hilarious nonetheless. The name ‘Roger’ swept through the USA thanks to characters like James Bond, Roger Rabbit, and Roger Moore, but the name refers to the activity that rabbits do a lot of in other parts of the world! On top of this, the name also used to be slang for large, toxic gas that came from bleach factories. It’s no wonder the name doesn’t seem as popular anymore!


This one may be one of the few that you’ll recognize. The name Randy was also a term used in the United Kingdom (popularised by the Austin Powers films) to describe certain strong… feelings. To this day, this is quite well known slang, and is still used!


If you’re looking to name your child something from Greek mythology, we recommend skipping this name altogether. If the concept of this Greek myth wasn’t off-putting enough, the fact this name means ‘swollen foot’ may just be enough for you to stay clear from it.


You may think this would be a lovely name for your baby boy -a strong, powerful leader, well you thought wrong! This name actually means ‘head of hair’ or ‘hairy’ – you could always counteract the name with the middle name Calvin (which means ‘bald’).


Considering this name is best known from Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, you’d think the meaning would be quite romantic – you couldn’t be more wrong. The name Portia originated in Latin and means ‘pig’ or ‘swine’ (not really the best thing to be calling your newborn baby)!


Cameron is quite a modern name, so there are many children that will be called this in years to come. It is therefore unfortunate that the Gaelic-derived name means ‘crooked nose’.


A beautiful name that would be perfect for your daughter. Whilst it is a pretty name, the name comes from Latin origins and is derived from ‘claudus’ which means ‘lame’.


Considering the name Cassandra has Greek translations that mean ‘she who entangles men’, it is quite difficult to want to associate the name with a baby.


A baby is considered one of the most beautiful and lucky gifts in the world – this doesn’t seem to be the case with this name. The name Mallory is said to mean ‘unlucky’ or ‘unhappy’ (we suggest staying clear of this name for your child).


Whilst this is a Biblical name, it also means ‘dog’. And we know for a fact that, unlike a dog, your baby boy won’t start barking at the moon or chasing cars (we can’t promise he won’t pee on your rug until potty training is complete).

Mary Jane

When you think of this name you probably think of a couple of things, a very popular style of black leather shoes is named after this combo, but so is a certain plant that may or may not be illegal (depending on where you are in the world).


You may have heard of this name after rock band Styx’s 1976 hit with the same name. The actual meaning of the name is a lot sillier – it means ‘mumbling rock’ and is said to have derived from a siren with the name that would sing boatmen to their doom.


This name is of Indian origin and means ‘very dumb’ in Hindi!


This name is of Italian origin, and the meaning of it is ‘short height’


This is another Italian name that may be quite silly for a baby once you understand the meaning behind it. The meaning of this Italian name comes from the word ‘buttock’ – not what any parents really want to name their child.


This name literally translates to ‘servant’ – I can’t think of many parents that would want to have their kids known as servants.

Names That Sound Dirty

Of course, there are plenty of real people who have names that sound dirty or mention certain parts of the body that they wish they didn’t.

  1. Dick Passwater
  2. Watson Herbusch
  3. Tal E. Whacker
  4. Shelby Warde
  5. Stacy Rect

Funny Inappropriate Usernames

Almost everyone has some sort of online presence and this has given way to some very funny and inappropriate usernames. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Name NotImportant
  2. Itchy and Scratchy
  3. HerpesFree Since03
  4. Erectile Reptile
  5. Dildo Swaggins
  6. Butt Smasher
  7. Ass Whupper
  8. Ben Dover
  9. Born Confused
  10. Cereal Killer

Funny Names That Are Dirty

Even though these are certainly names that you are not going to choose for your child they will definitely give you a right giggle.

  1. Amanda D.P Throat
  2. Anita Dick
  3. Ben Derhover
  4. Buster Himen
  5. Clee Torres
  6. Curley Pubes
  7. E. Rex Sean
  8. Hans Omaicrok


We can see that there are many names out there with some unfortunate and hilarious meanings and translations. Despite this, doing some research into names that you may want to call your newborn babies isn’t a terrible idea: this will save a lot of jokes in the future for your children.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a name for your child/children that you like (even if it has a silly meaning or translation). Just be sure to say the name out loud to make sure your little one doesn’t end up with an unfortunate name.