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What Does the Name Diego Mean? 

By Emma Davies


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Diego is a Spanish boy’s name with medieval origins and biblical links. The exact meaning of Diego can be difficult to pin down and the meanings vary between countries.

The meaning of Diego in Spanish is ‘supplanter’. Diego is often seen as the Spanish version of the Hebrew Ya’acov (Jacob). To supplant means to ‘hold the heel’ of another and this name is also associated closely with James, which shares a similar meaning.

What Does the Name Diego Mean?

Medieval versions of the name Diego include Didaco, Didacus and Didago. Here’s another fun fact, in Medieval Spain Sant Yago was the Spanish name for Saint James the Great and his high status made way for a new and popular name, Santiago.

  • Meaning of Diego: Means Supplanter
  • Origin of the name Diego: Spanish in origin
  • Pronunciation: Dee – Ay – Go
  • Gender: The name Diego is normally used as a boy’s name.

Popularity of the Name Diego?

The name Diego is perhaps more popular than you may think. Sure, it’s by no means the most common boy’s name starting with D, but in 2021 Diego ranked at number 126 in the Social Security Administration top baby names list.

Diego may have Spanish roots but it sounds great with surnames from all different countries. The cool sound and versatility of this name means it has remained in the Top 200 for several years, peaking at number 56 in 2006.

Variations of the Name Diego

The name Diego isn’t the most popular name used for baby boys today, but it’s not that rare either. If you love this name but want to call your name something a little more unique, you can change the spelling of Diego. Here are some alternative spellings and variations of Diego

  • Dago
  • Santiago
  • Iago
  • Diogo

If you love the ‘supplanter’ name meaning, you may want to double check whether these Diego variations have a different meaning or not. It is not always a guarantee that a different spelling or version of a name will have the same meaning.

Other Adorable Spanish Boy’s Names

You have your heart set on a Spanish name for your little boy but don’t feel like Diego is the best choice – don’t sweat it. Here are some other Spanish boy names that sound just as funky as Diego

  • Jose
  • Manuel
  • Pedro
  • Carlos

Alternative Boys Names Starting with ‘D’

If you like the name Diego, then you may also like the following names for your little boy

  • Dawson
  • Damien
  • Dax
  • Declan
  • Devin
  • Deacon
  • Dante
  • Dean
  • Dallas
  • Donavon

Famous People Named Diego

Imagine your baby boy becomes famous one day, you’re going to want to make sure he has a name with star quality and not something that has him desperately trying to think up a stage name, right? Diego is an awesome Spanish boy name but it has not always been as popular as it is today. That being said, here is a list of famous people called Diego

  • Diego Boneta – Mexican actor
  • Diego Luna – Mexican actor
  • Diego Forlan – Uruguay soccer manager
  • Diego Rivera – Mexican painter