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Decoding Flower Names: Meanings and Origins

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You may be on the hunt for some pretty flower names for your bundle of joy on the way and believe it or not, we have plenty of unique flower names for boys and for girls. Lots of people have taken to a flower name for their new baby and it of course does give your child a fresh and delicate aura. There are plenty to choose from so let’s take a look at a few.

Flower Names: Meanings and Origins

Flower Names for Girls

If you know you’re expecting a baby girl then there are plenty of flower names to choose from which may perfectly suit your new baby. Here are some of our personal favorites for some unique flower names for girls.


This name comes from Greek origin and means “dry”. But, this doesn’t mean that your child’s personality has to be described as this, and the botanist that chose this name for the flower chose it because they thrived and grew in dryer and sandy areas of soil. In Hebrew, this name also means “reserved by God” and can alternatively be spelled as “Azalia”.


The name Dahlia means gentle or slender branch and comes from Arabic and Hebrew origin. There’s no doubt that this name will make anyone think of the beautiful image that is nature and the baby named it will certainly thrive. It is quite a traditional name and it will never not be.


This name’s definition is pretty straightforward and it quite literally means “day’s eye”. It comes from the old English word daegeseage and it’s definitely a cheerful name to go with a little bundle of joy. This name encompasses many elements like the daylight as well as the sun that it absorbs and turns to.


Despite this flower being purple, the name Iris which is of Greek origin actually means “rainbow” so there’s no doubt that color and joy will be added to your life soon enough. This special Greek word helps describe everything like the delicateness of the flower itself as well as the beauty it is to the eye. This name could be perfect for any child, especially rainbow babies.


This name comes from a Latin origin and is normally used as a symbol of purity and innocence. Lots of metaphors use lilies to describe this attribute and there are plenty of variations such as Lilli, Lili, and Lilia so the choice is completely up to you as a parent. This is quite a common name as it has been staying in the top 15 baby names in the United States for over 15 years so if you’re after something more common for your baby then this could be for you.


This is another common name but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful. It has remained in the top 100 names for girls in the United States for a while now which proves that it’s a good name to choose. The name Rose is from the Latin name Rosa and means “flower” or believe it or not, “rose”. It is often seen as quite a romantic name that refers to the time of its bloom and the nature of the flower itself as well as its purity itself.


The name violet of course means “purple” and comes from the Latin word viola. This is a name that is definitely associated with flowers and the name often reminds us of fields and fields of violets which is a beautiful image to consider. If you’re after names of flowers for girls then this could be the one for you.

Masculine Flower Names

You may also have a boy on the way and so there are plenty of flower names for boys to choose from as well. Some of them may sound slightly unfamiliar or strange but they could be the perfect option for you. Here’s a list that we’ve gathered.


The name Basil which comes from Greek origin means “like a king” or “royal” so this could of course be a good shout for a little boy that’s on the way. The original Greek name was Basileios and he happened to be a ruler of the empire of Byzantine, hence the meaning of the name Basil. This could also be a girl’s name if you were after something more unique but it is most commonly used for boys.


This Old French name means “in flower” and is a common flower name for boys. So, this is the perfect name for your new baby as the name does mean “flower” itself. When people hear the name Florentz, they often associate it with sympathy and compassion as well as generosity. They may even be seen as motherly or fatherly figures. This name is moreso used as a surname and is found more commonly in this way.


This name also has quite a basic definition and the name explains it alone. In fact, the name Foxglove means “the glove of a fox”. If you look at the shape of the flowers themselves, they do look a bit like gloves which are pretty cool. This is quite a rare flower name but is a beautiful choice for a boy nonetheless.


This name originates from British origin and is gender neutral but is often used for boys. It was popular for those in particular who lived on a moor or near a moor that was covered in heathers. The name heath itself refers to the piece of land where this heather would grow and it’s also the name used for a colorful plant. It’s quite a strong name with a great passion and the name isn’t used that often meaning it’s a good choice if you’re after something more original.


Now, the name Lupin refers to a plant called Lupin and not just the werewolf from Harry Potter. Having said this, the name Lupin does also mean wolfish and comes from a Latin origin. This name is also interchangeable between boys and girls but is used for boys a lot more, hence why it’s on this list. It isn’t too popular a name so it’s also a great choice if you want to be original and ensure that nobody in your kid’s class will have the same name.


The name Narcissus is French and is related to the other French name Narcisse. This name means daffodil which is a flower commonly associated with the symbol of Wales. This name isn’t ranked in the list of United States births at the moment so here comes another unique name that is original and will be original to your child and not shared with many others.


The name Ren is Japanese and means “lotus”. There’s no doubt that this name will be an inspiration to others whilst your child grows and blossoms into a wonderful young man. Whilst considering the culture of Japan, the lotus flower itself is often used by Buddhists in order to show purity and perfection. There’s no doubt that your child will always be perfect to you and so naming your child Ren could be perfect for you.

Unique Flower Names

Of course, most flower names sound fairly unique but there are plenty out there that may not be as common as “Rose” or “Ren”. So, what are a few unique flower names that may float your boat?


This name comes from the Greek words “chrysos” which means gold and the last bit of the name means flower, and so there you have it, “gold flower”. Often, the name of this flower is often referred to as “mums” so it could portray a possible maternal figure for your child. This is also one of the rarest flower names and so it’s clear why it’s on our list of unique flower names. This name is also most commonly used as a girl’s name and it is also used in Japan to celebrate the sun.


If you’re thinking of naming your child Dandelion then you’ll want to know that it quite literally means “lion’s tooth” – which is pretty cool. If you’ve ever looked closely at a dandelion then you’ll know why. The petals on the flower are pretty jagged and so there’s no surprise that the French name means this. It is also unique and gender neutral meaning that no matter what you have, this name could be the perfect fit for your baby.


You may not have heard this name before but it’s just a variation of Fleur, making it much more unique and special to your child. It comes from France and also means “flower”. But, this name is often connected with ideas of resilience, powering through, and strength. Who doesn’t want a blossoming and flourishing baby? This name could be perfect for your bundle of joy.


The name Fennel is clearly connected to the plant itself as well as the Latin origin behind it, meaning “little hay”. It does have quite a similar sound to Finn and some may consider it to be a variation of this but it certainly is a more unique name to give to your child and there’s no doubt that there’s a good nature feel to this name.


The name Geranium means crane and is usually used as a girls name. Yes, some people may question the name choice but from Latin and Greek origins, it is unique and beautiful and gives a spin on some of the more common names that are starting to die out a little bit.


Coming from an Ancient Greek origin, the name Orchid does indeed mean “testicle” mainly due to the shape of the root which may cause some amusement. But, the name is also referring to the flower itself, “orchid”. Not tons of modern baby parents have taken this name yet and so it’s still unique and part of the less common baby names. Orchids are often associated with love and beauty and so this name could be a good option.


This girl’s name is Turkish and means “turban”. This name is quite unusual and unique but it’s definitely a cute name for your baby.

Vintage Floral Names

There are also some more vintage floral names to choose from if this is what you’re after. Some older floral names truly are beautiful and could be the new fit for your baby. Here are a few we’ve gathered and we like ourselves.


Despite already having the name Narcissus on this list, the name Daffodil is also a good vintage name. The French name means “yellow flower” and is often used as a girl’s name. This name is very appropriate for a baby born in spring.


The name Lavender comes from an English origin and is also a gender neutral name that is more vintage and means “a purple flowering plant”. This plant is often used in various essential oils and can make people much more relaxed, making it a really good name for any beautiful baby.


This name is mostly used for girls and it comes from a Latin origin and means a “Purple color or flower”. This makes it a gorgeous name and it does feel quite calm and vintage. Another variant is the Hebrew variant which is Lilach.


The name Magnolia is Latin and comes from the word “magnolius”. This name means “of great excellence” so naming your child this is a good option. You may like to shorten the name as a nickname to Maggie or Nola. Others may shorten it to Nolie and Nolia.


The name Marigold means “Resplendent Mary”, indicating purity and splendor. This name comes from the English language and is quite a rare and vintage name. One out of every 7,204 baby girls are called Marigold.


The name Primrose means “first rose” and is mostly given to baby girls. Many people call their spring babies this name in particular due to the fact that the flower blooms in the spring.


This name isn’t too popular which means that it’ll be the perfect unique and vintage flower name for your newborn baby. This name is a fresh one and it means “praise giving” which may help your child be more grateful for what’s around them.

A Name of A Flower

So if you’re on the hunt for flower names then these are some perfect options for you. Whether you are opting for the more common flower names like Lilly or choosing one that is a little less common, you are sure to find the perfect one.