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What Is the Meaning of the Name Declan? 

By Emma Davies


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Declan is a name of Irish origin that means ‘full of goodness’ or ‘man of prayer’. The name gets its meaning by combining the elements ‘Deagh’ (good) and ‘Lann’ (full) and has come to convey positive qualities of virtue.

Meaning of Declan

Some also believe that this name is connected to Declan of Ard Mor, who was an Irish Saint who brought Christian beliefs to Ireland, before Saint Patric himself. So to some, the name means ‘man of prayer’.

  • Name Origin: Irish
  • Name Meaning: full of goodness
  • Pronunciation: DECK-lan
  • Gender: Most commonly used as a name for boys

How Popular is the Name Declan?

Declan has been flying up the name ranking charts since 1998 when it was only ranked around 710. By 2019, the name was at number 95, but in 2020, it just missed out on the top 100 baby names in the United States.

Name Variations

Name Meaning Origin
Deacon Messenger or servant Greek and English
Daquan Spring Chinese
Darian Possessing goodness Persian
Dylan Son of the sea Welsh
Dillon Like a lion or loyal Irish
Lachlan Warlike or from the land of the lochs Scottish
Devin Divine, fawn or poet Irish or Welsh or Latin

Other Irish Boys Names

Name Meaning
Aidan Little fire
Cillian Bright-headed or monastery
Finn Fair
James Supplanter
Rian King
Liam Desire or Guardian
Conor Lover of hounds

Alternative Boy Names Starting With “D”

Name Meaning Origin
David Beloved Hebrew
Daniel God is my judge Hebrew
Damian Conquer, master Greek
Dean Dignitary in charge of ten others or monk Greek
Diego Supplanter Spanish
Dominic Of the Lord Irish or English
Dakota Ally or friend Native American

Famous People Named Declan

  • Declan Rice – Soccer player
  • Declan Mulholland – Actor
  • Declan Donelly – TV Host
  • Declan Rudd – Soccer player
  • Declan Bennet – Singer