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What Does the Name Daniel Mean?

By Emma Davies


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Daniel is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God is my judge’. Derived from Daniyyel, the name combines ‘Dan’ meaning ‘to judge’ and ‘El’, a shortened form of Elohim, a Hebrew name for God, and has come to reflect positive connotations of faith and wisdom.

What Does the Name Daniel Mean

It is a biblical name found very early on in the Old Testament. Daniel was the name of a prophet known for his wisdom, faithfulness, and ability to interpret dreams.

  • Name Origin: Hebrew
  • Name Meaning: God is my judge
  • Pronunciation: DAN-yul
  • Gender: masculine name with female versions like Daniella

How Popular is the Name Daniel?

Daniel remains popular to this day and has sat comfortably in the top 50 boys’ names of the US for at least the last century. Its climb through the top 50 list began in the 1920s when it reached the 20th spot in 1952.

The name made its way to the top 10 for 14 years between 1981 and 1995 and even managed to reach the top 5 space twice in the years 1985 and 1990. As of 2020, the popular name was ranked 14th.

Name Variations

Names Meaning Origin
Daan God is my judge Dutch
Danail God is my judge Bulgarian
Danyal God is my judge Turkish
Deiniol God is my judge Welsh
Taneli Judged by God Finnish

Other Hebrew Boy Names

Name Meaning
Noah Repose, rest
James Supplanter
Benjamin Son of the right hand
Levi Joining
Mateo Gift of God

Alternative Boys Names Starting With D

Name Meaning Origin
David Beloved Hebrew
Diego Supplanter Diego
Dexter Right handed, fortunate, one who dyes Latin
Darren Oak tree Irish
Dennis Follower of Dionysus Greek

Famous People Named Daniel

  • Dan Brown – American author
  • Dan Bunz – American football player
  • Daniel Butler – American actor
  • Dan Carden – British politician
  • Dan Castellana – American actor, the voice of Homer Simpson