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Common Native American Names 

By Emma Davies


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One of the most exciting things us parents get to go through when having a child is picking a name that will suit them perfectly. This will be something that sticks with them their whole life so you want it to be fun as well as unique.

Native American Names 

There are so many Native American Names out there with some fab meanings and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as us.

Will you find your little bundle of joy’s name on our list?

Common Native American Names

Let’s kick off our list by first taking a look at some of the names you’ll most likely come across when looking for a Native American name.

Name Meaning
Aiyanna Forever flowering
Ahanu He laughs
Kele Sparrow, hawk
Tallulah Leaping water
Halona Fortune
Kai Willow tree

Native American Baby Names

As you can see, there are tons of Native American names out there that you might not even realize are Native American.

Something we found super interesting about these native names is that they aren’t gendered like the British and American Names you’re probably used to. This is because many of the tribes believed people could be born with the spirit of both genders so didn’t feel it was necessary to gender names and instead called these people ‘Two Spirit’.

Now, this might make it even more difficult for you to choose the perfect native name for you. So to help you get through them all, we’ve chosen our top twenty to get you started.


Origin: Native American (Salish)

Meaning: Giver of the water

Alternative Spelling: Tacobeh, Takhoma, Tahomah

Popularity: This name doesn’t appear on the top 1,000 baby names


Origin: Native American (Salish)

Meaning: Man of high status

Alternative Spelling: Seathle, Seathl, Si’ahl

Popularity: This was number 16,620 in 2021


Origin: Native American ( Cherokee)

Meaning: White Owl

Alternative Spelling: Onkanacleah, Okoonaka, Onakona

Popularity: Down not appear in the top 1,000


Origin: Native American (Sioux)

Meaning: Bear

Alternative Spelling: Matto, Matho

Famous People: Mato Valtonen, Mato Neretljak, Mato Kósyk

Popularity: Ranked number 5928


Origin: Native American (Hopi)

Meaning: Sparrow

Alternative Spelling: Kelle, Kelley, Keyle

Famous People: Kele Okereke

Popularity: Number 164 in the US since 1880


Origin: Native American (Iroquois)

Meaning: He who combs, he who creates the river

Alternative Spelling: Hiawathah, Hyawatha, Aiionwatha

Famous People: Hiawatha Bray

Popularity: Ranked number 12,207


Origin: Native American (Apache)

Meaning: Oak, hardwood

Alternative Spelling: Cheis, Kochise, Cocheese

Famous People: Cochise (leader of the Chiricahui local group of the Chokonen)

Popularity: Ranked number 26,346


Origin: Native American (Sioux

Meaning: First daughter

Alternative Spelling: Winnona, Winonna, Wynonna

Famous People: Winona Ryder, Winona LaDuke, Winona Beamer

Popularity: Number 916 in 1900 and reached its peak in 1931 at number 407


Origin: Native American (Iroquois), Samoan, Arabic, Swedish

Meaning: Wolf

Alternative Spelling: Talland, Talah, Tallah

Famous People: Tala Ashe, Tala Hadid, Tala Madani

Popularity: 1 in every 12,105 baby girls were named Tala in 2021


Origin: Native American (Choctaw), Spanish

Meaning: Bow

Alternative Spelling: Paloma, Palomah, Peloma

Famous People: Paloma Faith, Paloma Picasso, Paloma Bloyd

Popularity: 1 in every 5,854 girls born in 2021 were named Paloma


Origin: Native American (Algonquin), Scandinavian, German

Meaning: Mountain

Alternative Spelling: Odeene, Odyne, Odyna

Famous People: Odina Bayramova, Odina Desrochers

Popularity: Ranked number 16,620 in 2021


Origin: Native American (Choctaw), Spanish, Hebrew

Meaning: Bear

Alternative Spelling: Nitah, Neetah, Nituna

Famous People: Nita Ambani, Nita Barrow, Nita Fernando

Popularity: Ranked number 1554


Origin: Native American (Miwok), Gaelic

Meaning: Gathering jimsonweed (devil’s snare) seed

Alternative Spelling: Monah, Mone, Moine

Famous People: Mona Zaki, Mona Singh, Mona Louise Rey

Popularity: Sitting at number 1402


Origin: Native American (Sioux), Japanese, Hebrew

Meaning: Raccoon

Alternative Spelling: Mikka, Micca, Myka

Famous People: Mika Brezezinski, Mika Boorem, Mika Nakashima, MIKA

Popularity: Currently sitting at number 190


Origin: Native American (Algonquin)

Meaning: The night

Alternative Spelling: Koco, Coko, Cocoh

Famous People: Koko Archibong, Koko Jones, Koko Komégné

Popularity: Sits at number 4634 in the UK


Origin: Native American (Miccosukee)

Meaning: A pretty prairie, prairie on the hill

Alternative Spelling: Hiahlea, Hiahleah, Hyaleah

Popularity: Currently sitting at number 13,034


Origin: Native American (Algonquin or Sioux)

Meaning: A city in Wyoming, a tribe name, difficult to understand

Alternative Spelling: Chey, Shayann, Shyanne

Famous People: Cheyenne Brando, Cheyenne Campbell, Chey Dunkley

Popularity: 1 out of every 3, 981 girls born in 2021


Origin: Native American (Algonquin)

Meaning: Butterfly

Alternative Spelling: Apani, Apponni, Apponi

Popularity: Sits at number 24,502


Origin: Native American (Chinook Jargon)

Meaning: Chief, leader, big, superior

Alternative Spelling: Tyie, Tiee, Tai

Famous People: Donovan Tyee Smith

Popularity: Sitting at number 13,891


Origin: Native American (Navajo), Hawaiian, Japanese

Meaning: Willow tree, ocean

Alternative Spelling: Cai, Ky, Kei

Famous People: Kai, Kai Havertz, Kai Greene

Popularity: 1 out of every 405 boys and 4,836 girls born in 2021

American Indian Names

So there you have it, our top twenty Native American Names. There are some super original ones in there including names meaning Raccoon if you’re looking for something to do with nature or names meaning Chief if you’re looking for something strong for a great leader. We hope this has made your hunt through all the incredible indigenous names just a touch easier and that you find the perfect one for you.