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Celtic Names – Meanings & Origins

By Emma Davies


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A Celtic name or Keltic names may appeal to you for your bump on the way. Celtic names are truly a brilliant option for any baby and they hold a lot of meaning to many Welsh, Irish, and Scottish people as well as other people across the world. The culture, history, and tradition behind Celtic names are beautiful and they’ll certainly fit your baby on the way.

Celtic Names

The Celts occupied a lot of Northern Europe during the Iron age before habituating the British isles later on. There’s no doubt that the celts had a history full of mythology and romance and their impact is certainly still present in most of the United Kingdom today.

You may have heard of some common celtic names such as Dylan, Caitlin, Erin, Owen, or Aidan. But there is a lot more to choose from out there. This article of twenty Celtic names may help you decide on the perfect name for your baby being ancient celtic female names or male names, we’ve got you covered.

Popular Celtic Names

BriannaAn honorable and noble person
ErinChild of Ireland
AidanSmall fire
BrianHigh noble
DylanSon of the sea or great tide
KevinGentle or handsome

Popular Celtic Baby Names for Girls

There are lots of meaningful celtic names available for girls and if this is what you’re awaiting in the next coming months then maybe these are some good names to consider!


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: An honorable and noble person

Alternative Spellings: Brianne, Briana, Bryanna, Breanna

Famous People: Brianna Keilar who is a journalist or Brianna Hildebrand who is an actress

Popularity: This name wasn’t all that popular in the United States until around the 1970s but was in the top 20 baby names for girls between 1996 and 2006.


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Fair chest

Alternative Spellings: Bronwyn, Branwen, Bryony

Famous People: Bronwen Astor who was an English model or Bronwen Dickey who is an American author

Popularity: This name hasn’t really appeared in the top ranks for any countries but is becoming increasingly popular in Wales


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Purity

Alternative Spellings: Kaitlyn, Caitlyn, Caitlan, Cathleen

Famous People: Catlin Carmichael who is an actress or Caitlin FitzGerald who is an american actress and filmmaker

Popularity: This was quite a popular name during the 80s and 90s but then died down a little bit. However, lots of people think that it’s starting to rise from the ashes once again


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Child of Ireland

Alternative Spellings: Eirin, Earin, Aerin, Airin, Aryn

Famous People: Erin Andrews who is a broadcaster or Erin Brockovich who is an activist

Popularity: This name became popular during the 70s in the United States and was ranked in the top 520 in the US in 2020 which is very good going!


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Fair

Alternative Spelling: Fione, Finella, Fionola, Flora

Famous People: Fiona Apple who is an American Singer or Fino Bruce who is a BBC presenter in the United Kingdom

Popularity: This name didn’t really appear on the popularity list in the United States until around the 1990s but then ranked in the top 1000 at number 296 in 2020 here in the US.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Blessed or fair

Alternative Spellings: Gwenneth, Gwennan, Gwynedd, Gwenyth

Famous People: Gwyneth Paltrow who is an actress, Gwen Stefani who’s a singer

Popularity: This name doesn’t tend to be in the top 1000 names in the United States and doesn’t come into the top 1000 often.


Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Dove or sign

Alternative Spellings: Yona, Mona, Alona

Famous People: Iona Brown who is an English musician, or Iona Victoria Campagnolo who is a Canadian politician

Popularity: This name doesn’t tend to get into the top 1000 baby girl names in the United States.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: A Lily flower

Alternative Spellings: Lilli, Lily, Lili, Lilian

Famous People: Lily James who is an actress, or Liy Collins who is an actress

Popularity: This name has not made an appearance in the top 1000 names in the United States.


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Destiny

Alternative Spellings: Meira, Meara, Mira, Mara, Mayra

Famous People: Moira Brooker who is an English actress or Moira Harris who is an American actress

Popularity: In 2021, they estimate that there were 124 baby girls named Moira but this name hasn’t made the top 1000 names in the United States.


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Bright

Alternative Spellings: Neve, Neave, Neeve, Nieve

Famous People: Niamh Blackshaw who is an English Actress or Niamh Charles who is and English Footballer

Popularity: This name isn’t super popular in the United States but is very popular in Ireland where it ranked number two on several occasions in the 90s.

Popular Celtic Names for Boys

There are also many options out there for boys’ names if you’re on the hunt for a Celtic masculine name. Let’s take a look at the following ten to see if something may suit you.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Small fire

Alternative Spellings: Aedan, Aiden, Adan, Aeddan

Famous People: Aidan Gallagher who is an American actor or Aidan McArdle who’s an Irish actor

Popularity: This name wasn’t very popular in the United States until the early 2000s and ranked ninth in the 2010 ranks.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Noble or high

Alternative Spellings: Bryan, Brien, Brion

Famous People: Brian Wilson who is an American musician, or Brian Eno who is also a musician

Popularity: This name is in the top 1000 baby boy names in the United States


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Son of the sea or great tide

Alternative Spellings: Dylan, Dillen, Dilloyn, Dylahn, Dyllan

Famous People: Dylan Howe who is an English drummer or Dylan Baker who is an American actor

Popularity: This name has been increasing in popularity ever since the 90s and has maintained its position in the top 1000 boy names in the United States constantly. In fact, this name ranked as the 44th boys’ name in the United States in 2021.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Spirit or heart

Alternative Spellings: Hugh, Hugo, Hughie, Hue

Famous People: Huw Bennett who is a Welsh rugby player, or Huw Cadwaladr who is a welsh poet

Popularity: This name isn’t in the top 1000 names for boys in the United States


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Gentle or handsome

Alternative Spellings: Kevan, Kevion, Kevon, Kevyn

Famous People: Kevin Bacon who is an actor or Kevin Durant who is a basketball player

Popularity: In 2021, this name ranked as number 182 in the United States and has always been constantly in the top 1000 names through ranking as number 157 in 2020 and 149 in 2019.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Leader’s image or like a lion

Alternative Spellings: Llew

Famous People: Desmond Llywelyn who was a Welsh actor or Llywelyn the Last who was a prince of Wales

Popularity: This name is not in the top 1000 names in the United States.


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Devotee of Saint Columba

Alternative Spellings: Malak, Calum, Callum, Maxim

Famous People: Malcolm Ross who is a linguist, or Malcolm Turnbull who is the prior prime minister of Australia. Malcolm X is also a well known civil rights activist

Popularity: This name appeared in the top 250 names for boys in the United States during the 1990s.


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Red hair or red

Alternative Spellings: Royce, Ruadh, Roi, Ray

Famous People: Roy Orbison who is an American singer and songwriter or Roy rogers who was also an American singer

Popularity: This name is still in the top 1000 boy names today and ranked as number 574 in 2020.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Yahweh or God is gracious

Alternative Spellings: Sionyn, John, Soan, Sean

Famous People: Sion Bebb who is a Welsh Golfer or Sion Brinn who was a Jamaican swimmer and coach

Popularity: This name did not rank in the top 1000 baby names for boys in the United States.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Large settlement

Alternative Spellings: Trefor, Trebor, Trever, Trevaris

Famous People: Trevor Bailey who is an English Cricketer or Trever Berbick who is a boxer

Popularity: This name has always been popular in the United States and reached its peak in the 60s and 70s.

All Celts Together

Whether you decide on an Irish, Welsh, or Scottish name for your little one it will no doubt come with some great history as is the case with any Celtic name. You have a wide choice from some old but great names or even some more modern names – so go wild and think outside the box.