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What Does the Name Arlo Mean?

By Emma Davies


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Arlo is a masculine name with Old English origins. This name dates back to the Middle Ages and the Arlo name meaning is believed to be ‘fortified hill’.

What does the name Arlo mean

Arlo is thought to have roots in several different countries, including Spain, Italy, Ireland, and England. In Italy, this name is considered to be a variation of the name Carlo. In Spain, Arlo is a unisex name, a variation of Calos, and means ‘between two hills’.

The Old English version of this name derives from the Anglo-Saxon name Harlow, which comes from the words hlaw and hoer. These words mean ‘rock hill’ and ‘stone’.

Arlo may sound modern but it can first be found in a 1590 English poem, written by Edmund Spenser. Arlo is commonly used as a boy’s name, but feminine variations include Arlow, Arlowe, and Arloe.

  • Arlo Name Origin: Old English
  • Arlo Name Meaning: Fortified hill
  • Pronunciation: Ar – Loh
  • Gender: Male

How Popular is the Name Arlo?

Arlo is an adorable boy’s name, but it has not been overly popular over the years. At the beginning of the 20th century, Arlo was ranked just inside the top 1000 at number 906.

Arlo’s name popularity has fluctuated over the decades and according to Social Security Administration data, the name ranked at number 190 in 2021. 1975 baby boys were named Arlo in 2021.

Variations of the Name Arlo

If you like the name Arlo, you may also feel inspired by one of these variations from different countries.

ArleauFortified hillFrench
ArlowBarberry treeSpanish
HarloweRock HillOld English
HarlowArmy hill/rock hillOld English
ArloweBetween two hillsIrish

Other Amazing Old English Boys’ Names

If Arlo isn’t the baby name of your dreams, perhaps one of these other Old English names is the one you have been searching for.

AlbertBright and noble
AldenWise protector
AlfredWise counselor
BrianSomeone from a noble birth
CarterCart driver
CharlesFree man
EdwardWealthy guardian

Alternative Boys Names Starting with ‘A’

Arlo is a cute boy’s name, but there are many other masculine names starting with ‘A’ that you may also like.

AaronMountain of strengthEgyptian
AidanSmall fireIrish
AlexanderDefender of menGreek
AmitWithout limitsSanskrit
AneurinHonorable and nobleWelsh
AnthonyWorthy of praiseLatin

Famous People Named Arlo

Arlo is a name that has been around since the middle ages. This masculine name is hundreds of years old and there have been several famous people called Arlo. Here is a list of the most well known people with the name Arlo:

  • Arlo Guthrie – American country singer.
  • Arlo Eisenberg – American inline skater.
  • Arlo Brunsberg – American baseball player.
  • Arlo Jackson – American rapper, music producer, and filmmaker.
  • Arlo Parks – British singer and songwriter.