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What Does the Name Andrew Mean?

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The meaning of the name Andrew is strong or manly. The name has Greek roots and is also a variation of the name Andreas. This name is derived from the Greek word aner which means man.

What Does the Name Andrew Mean?

Andrew also has other translations that are considered correct such as brave, courageous, and warrior.

Andrew also has huge biblical references as the name of Jesus’s first disciple, as well as being the Patron Saint of Greece, Scotland, and Russia.

  • Meaning of Andrew: Means strong or manly.
  • Origin of Name Andrew: Greek in origin.
  • Pronunciation: an-droo
  • Gender: The name Andrew is commonly used as a boy’s name.

Popularity of the Name Andrew

Andrew has been a consistently popular name for decades and this is probably no surprise to you. It hit its peak in 1988 when it reached number 5 in the baby name charts.

Andrew may have Greek roots but it is a name that has crossed continents and is popular all over the world from the UK to Canada.

Variations of the Name Andrew

Andrew is an incredibly popular name and has been for many years. There are some variations that are also popular but maybe a little less traditional.

  • Aindrea
  • Andrius
  • Andre
  • Anders
  • Andri

If you love the manly feel and meaning of Andrew, you should check on the meaning of any variation that you use especially if it is from another language. You wouldn’t want an unfortunate meaning for your little boys name to come to light after the fact.

Other Amazing Names with Biblical Connections

Maybe you have your mind set on a biblical name for your little man, but Andrew just isn’t hitting the mark – no worries. Here are some other boys’ names with biblical connections that are just as iconic as Andrew.

  • Abel
  • Emmanuel
  • Ezekiel
  • Gabriel
  • Luke

Alternative Boys Names Starting with ‘A’

If Andrew is one of your top choices then you are sure to adore these alternatives for your little man.

  • Aaron
  • Adrian
  • Alan
  • Arthur
  • Axel
  • Alvin
  • Alex
  • Andre
  • Ace
  • Arlo

Famous People Named Andrew

You’ve picked the name Andrew for your little prince, you have big hopes for his future and see him becoming a huge star. So are you curious as to what other people called Andrew have achieved in their life? Here are a few famous people called Andrew.

  • Andrew Garfield – English and American actor.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber – English composer.
  • Andy Garcia – American actor and musician.
  • Andrew McCarthy – American actor, travel writer and director.