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What is the Meaning of the Name Alexander?

By Emma Davies


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Alexander is the Latin version of the name of Greek origin that means ‘defender of the people’ and ‘protector of mankind’. Derived from the Greek boy’s name, Alexandros, the name combines the words alexo, meaning ‘to defend or protect’, and ander which means ‘man’ or ‘warrior’. 

What is the Meaning of the Name Alexander

While is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, the name is most often associated with Alexander the Great, a famous conqueror and military leader in ancient Greece. The popularity of the name spread across different cultures and languages and has come to reflect strength, protection, and leadership. 

  • Name Origin: Latin
  • Name Meaning: Defender of man
  • Pronunciation: ah – LEK – ZAND – er
  • Gender: Male 

Common Nicknames

  • Alex
  • Xander
  • Al

How Popular is the Name Alexander?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Alexander ranked at number 93 in the list of popular boys’ names in the US. Over the years, this strong Greek name has fluctuated in popularity but has not once fallen out of the top 250 boys’ names.

According to Social Security Administration data, the name first entered the top 10 in 2008 – reaching number 6 in the chart. Then it reached its peak position in 2009 at number 4 and had only fallen slightly to number 13 in 2021. This ancient name has stood the test of time and 9344 baby boys were named Alexander in 2021.

Name Variations 

Name Meaning Origin
Alexandros Protector/ defender of man Greek
Alexei Defender Russian
Alasdair Defender of man Gaelic
Alejandro Defender of the people Spanish
Alastair Man’s defender Scottish
Aleksander Warrior of the people Polish

Other Latin Boys’ Names

Name Meaning
Benjamin Son of the right hand
Lucas One who gives light
Mateo He was the gift of God
Acklea One who dwells near oak trees
Adrian Seo or water
Cyrus Far seeing young individual
Daxx The one who is at peace

Alternative Boys Names Starting with ‘A’

Name Meaning Origin
Aaron Strong / Exalted Hebrew
Asher Happy / Blessed Hebrew
Aj Unconquerable Sanskrit
Aed Fire Irish
Akira Clear / Light Japanese
Alan Little rock English
Archie Archer / Truly bold German

Famous People Named Alexander

  • Alexander the Great – King of Macedon
  • Alexander McQueen – British fashion designer
  • Alexander Hamilton – American founding father and statesman
  • Pope Alexander VI – Head of the Catholic Church from 1492 – 1503
  • Alexander Skarsgard – Swedish actor