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What Does the Name Aaron Mean?

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Aaron is a name of Hebrew origin that is often interpreted to mean ‘high mountain’ or ‘exalted’. As the older brother of Moses in the Bible, the name is considered significant in the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What Does the Name Aaron Mean

Additionally, the name is thought to have roots in Ancient Egypt, related to the word ‘warrior’ or ‘soldier. While the actual origin of this largely biblical name is up for debate, the interpretations and significance of the name can vary across time and cultures.

  • Name Origin: Hebrew or Ancient Egypt
  • Name Meaning: high mountain, exalted, or warrior
  • Pronunciation: AIR- uhn
  • Gender: Mostly used for male babies but the feminine version is “Erin”

How Popular is the Name Aaron?

Aaron has been ranked in the top 150 baby names for centuries but it wasn’t until 1968 that it finally broke through the top 100 rankings. Since then its popularity has grown with it reaching number 28 in 1994. It has stayed around the top 50 in the United States ever since for boys’ names for years upon years.

Name Variations 

Name Meaning Origin
Aaran Mountain of strength Yiddish
Aharon Mountain of strength Hebrew
Aaro High mountain, enlightened Finnish
Haroon Warrior lion Urdu
Harouna Mountain West African
Haruna Spring flower Japanese

Other Hebrew and Greek Names

Name Meaning
Atticus Belonging to Attica
Theodore Gift of God
Atlas To carry
Elijah Yahweh is my God
Mateo Gift of God
Daniel God is my judge
Levi Joined or united

Alternative Boy Names Starting with “A”

Name Meaning Origin
Arthur Bear man or bear king Celtic
Archie Brave Scotland
Arlo Forfitied hill Old english
Adam Earth or soil Hebrew
Alfie Wise Old English
Albert Noble or bright German

Famous People with the Name Aaron

  • Aaron Taylor Johnson – movie actor
  • Aaron Burriss – YouTube Star
  • Aaron Burr – Vice prescient
  • Aaron Carter – Pop singer
  • Aaron Chalmers – Reality star