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29 FREE Pumpkin Coloring Pages to Fill Your Fall

By Elisha Baba


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Pumpkin coloring pages are the perfect way to prep for fall. This is the season of pumpkin-flavored everything, so why not keep the fun going, and get to coloring some of them, too. Scary pumpkins, happy pumpkins, and pumpkins with friends can all be found below for your coloring enjoyment. It’s the perfect way to unwind during pumpkin season.

29 Perfect Pumpkins to Fill Your Fall

Halloween Coloring Pages

1. Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin

The purrfect pumpkin companion, this little kitty is collecting loads of candy amidst monster mayhem. You have everything you need for Halloween close at hand here.

2. Edgar Allen Poe-pumpkin

Adorned with a raven, this Jack-O-Lantern is like something out of classic literature, or the world’s oldest horror stories. Poe would find a perfect pen pal in this little pumpkin.

3. Art Deco Jack-O-Lantern

Looking for a more upscale pumpkin to color? Check out this artist’s depiction of a Jack-O-Lantern that kicks things up a notch. Color the candy in the background in various shades to give this picture a vivid vibe.

4. Wickedly Witchy Pumpkin

Who says pumpkins can’t go out trick-or-treating? They like getting dressed up and going out to collect candy, too. Or at least, getting all decked out to welcome visitors to the house during the holiday season.

5. Joyful Pumpkin

Perhaps the happiest pumpkin ever. Put this perky pumpkin on your doorstep, and you’ll be the most popular house in town.

6. Perky Pumpkin

A pumpkin with this much pep doesn’t need the season’s signature latte. It is already super excited about all the fall festivities.

7. Haunted Pumpkin

Far from its perky counterparts, this pumpkin is downright evil-looking. Perhaps he is haunted by the spirit of a previous year’s Jack-O-Lantern. Or maybe something even scarier?

8. Dia de Los Muertos Lanterns

Pumpkins can do double-duty when they’re decorated this way. Not only can you use these for a Halloween celebration, but you can spend a couple days celebrating it’s fellow holiday with them as well.

9. Possessed Pumpkin

An even more evil-doer, this pumpkin is downright demonic. He might be your best choice if you’d rather scare people off your porch than invite them to knock on your door.

10. Pumpkin Party

If it looks like this pumpkin is dancing the night away, it’s because he is. He’s at a pumpkin party, celebrating fall festivities from Halloween to Thanksgiving and more. If ever there was a season for pumpkins to party, it’s this one.

11. Simple Squash

A plain pumpkin, chilling with some candies. If you want to keep your Halloween simple this year, this is certainly the way to go.

12. Interplanetary Pumpkin

A bulbous squash that looks like it came from another planet. Or perhaps a balloon representation of the holiday’s favorite fruit?

13. Cookie Cutter Climber

Looking for a new way to celebrate the season? Consider sugar cookie cutouts of the seasonal symbol instead of crafting actual jack-o-lanterns. It’s much less messy, and just as much fun.

14. Distorted Decoration

It looks like this pumpkin is having a bit of a bad day. Or perhaps it’s a pumpkin bag filled with Halloween party favors. Candy coming right up.

15. Wall Flower Pumpkins

A couple of Jack-O-Lanterns that double as art. Even if they weren’t wallflowers, these pumpkins make a wonderful way to decorate your home or classroom for your next Halloween party.

16. Double Vision

Two Jack-O-Lanterns in one, this pumpkin is feeling a little possessed. But it’s a party-pleaser nonetheless.

17. Picasso Pumpkin

It might have all its parts in the right places, but this pumpkin still looks like something painted by an abstract artist. Feel free to get creative with your colors, too, when preparing this pumpkin for the season.

18. Pumpkin Pig Pile

If one pumpkin isn’t enough, consider piling your pumpkins. It’s fun for them and festive for you. There’s nothing quite like throwing a party for your pumpkins. Watch the wildness ensue.

19. A Series of Circles

Learning to draw? Practicing new skills? This pumpkin is made of three simple circles. But don’t mistake this Jack-O-Lantern for something ordinary. It can easily stack up to all its peers.

20. Gourd Greetings

Pumpkins may hold center stage in this design, but they’re not the only squash present. And the touch of fall foliage makes this design more than a little decorative.

21. Pumpkin Pail

A pumpkin-shaped pail full of Halloween’s most delicious treats. Like lollipops? Then this is the perfect partner for your trick-or-treating.

22. Dancing Cat

It’s a cat. No, it’s a bat. A pumpkin? A witch? If you’re looking to have it all this Halloween, look no further. And have the time of your life, just like this little Halloween cat-bat, and his date, the pumpkin witch.

23. Pumpkin Pairs

A pumpkin taking its child out trick-or-treating. And the best news is that when you’re a pumpkin, you don’t even need to get dressed up for the holiday. You are already in costume.

24. The Force is Strong with This One

There have never been so many pumpkins in one place before. Just because you don’t have to dress up for the holiday doesn’t mean you can’t, or might not want to. And this pumpkin has decided to dress as a witch and take two pumpkin pails out to collect its candy this year.

25. The Most Excited Pumpkin

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming. Meet the most excited pumpkin there ever was that it is almost Halloween.

26. Holy Pumpkins Batman

More proof that you can never get too dressed up for Halloween. This may be a cat, or maybe a bat, using pumpkins as a costume and as its candy collectors.

27. Little Jimmy Misfit

It’s tough to say what this costume is supposed to be. A ninja? A zombie? A walking Jack-O-Lantern? Whatever it is, Little Jimmy’s having the time of his life this Halloween.

28. Batty Halloween

Even Halloween animals like to decorate for the season. A pumpkin is the perfect accessory. That’s why this bat is bringing one home to celebrate the season.

29. Cat-O-Nine Tails

There may not be nine cat tails here, but there are way more than nine lives of jolly, Halloween fun. These festive kitties are cuddling up to a pumpkin at this year’s party, and rocking the night away.