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What Does WTV Mean? The Definition of the Texting Abbreviation Plus How to Use it

By Elisha Baba


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You’re watching a video on TikTok when you see WTV in one of the comments, and you aren’t sure what it means. WTV is an abbreviation often used in texting and on social media.

What does WTV mean?

“WTV” is an abbreviation for the word “whatever,” and it is often used in videos and media to display sarcasm geared towards a person or a video. It can also be used to end a disagreement where two parties will never agree.

WTV is also common on most social media platforms and in texting, but you won’t usually hear someone say the letters in person. Rather they will use the whole word “whatever” or the shorter version “whatev.”

What does WTV mean?

How to use WTV

  • “WTV I’m done with this convo.”
  • “It’s WTV you want I don’t care.”
  • “WTV you’re an idiot.”
  • “Ugh my parents are so WTV.”
  • WTV can be used anytime you are annoyed with something or wish to end a conversation without an in-depth explanation.

Using WTV the right way

WTV isn’t difficult to use, as its use is based on your personal feelings. If you are feeling annoyed or tired of something, you can use WTV as a shorter version of whatever. WTV is only for informal situations and is not appropriate for professional use.

WTV Variations

There are no official variations of WTV. Some people may use “IDC,” an acronym for “I don’t care,” in addition to WTV. WTV can also be written as W/E, although this has grown less common in recent years.

WTV can also be combined with WTF to create WTVTF, which stands for “whatever the f***” and is used to display a more intense feeling of confusion or annoyance than WTV.

Should you worry about your child using WTV?

If your child is using WTV to comment on social media videos or text you back, there isn’t really a reason to worry because your kid is just being a kid. If you feel your kid is using WTV to be disrespectful, however, you may want to have a discussion with them about the importance of respect.