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What Does WB Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re messaging someone online when they use the acronym WB, and you aren’t sure what they mean by it. WB is an acronym often used in text messages and online chat rooms.

What Does WB Mean? 

What Does WB Mean?

WB is an acronym that stands for the words “welcome back,” and it is used to welcome someone back to a chat room or online forum. It is usually used when someone has left the chat for a period of time, perhaps to use the bathroom or complete chores.

WB is more common in the gaming community, but it can be used on platforms like Instagram and TikTok as well.

How to Use WB

  • “WB to the chat.”
  • “Did you finish your errands? WB, by the way.”
  • “WB, we need you to win this game.”
  • “WB didn’t even notice you were gone, to be honest.”
  • “Yay! John! WB.”
  • WB is used to greet someone when they return to an online chat or game.

Using WB the Right Way

WB is an easy acronym to use. You can use it in place of the words “welcome back” or as a greeting anytime someone returns from time away from their computer.

WB Variations

There currently are no known variations of the WB acronym.

Should you worry about your child using the word WB?

WB is considered a harmless acronym, and there is no reason to worry if you see your child using it. If you notice your child using lots of acronyms you don’t understand, however, it may be a good idea to discuss internet and online safety with them, just in case they are engaging in risky behavior.