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What Does THX/TY/TYSM Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re texting with your friends when they use the term THX, TY or TYSM, and you aren’t sure what to make of it. All of these are acronyms commonly used in text conversations and online platforms, but sometimes you can also hear them spoken in person.

What Does THX/TY/TYSM Mean? 

What does THX/TY/TYSM mean?

THX is an acronym for the words “thanks” and TY is an acronym for “thank you.” TYSM is an acronym for the words “thank you so much.” No matter which of these versions is used, they are all forms of thanking someone and can be used when you are gracious that they did something for you.

TY in particular has become so popular in recent years that it is common to hear someone saying the letters TY instead of saying the words “thank you” in social situations. While it is more likely to be used in informal social situations, these acronyms are some of a few acronyms that can be seen in professional situations as well.

What Does THX/TY/TYSM Mean? 

How to use THX/TY/TYSM

  • “TYSM for helping me!”
  • “TY for your time.”
  • “THX for trying.”
  • “THX you’re the best!”
  • “TY!”
  • “TYSM for everything!”
  • THX/TY/TYSM can be used anytime you want to thank someone for something they said or did.

What Does THX/TY/TYSM Mean? 

Using THX/TY/TYSM the right way

THX/TY/TYSM are all easy acronyms to use. All you have to do is use them in place of the words they represent. Anytime you would thank someone, replace it with THX, TY, or TYSM.

THX/TY/TYSM Variations

These 3 acronyms are already variations of each other, but there are some other variations to keep in mind. TU is often used in place of TY and is an acronym for “thank u” which is shorthand for “thank you.” There is also TYB which is an acronym for “thank you babe” and it is often used by couples thanking each other.

Should you worry about your child using THX/TY/TYSM?

THX, TY, and TYSM are all harmless texting terms, and you shouldn’t worry about your children using them.