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What Does POV Mean? Breaking Down the Definition of the Abbreviation

By Elisha Baba


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You’re watching a video on Instagram when you notice the letters POV, and you aren’t sure what to make of it. POV is an acronym often used in texting and online messaging.

What does POV mean?

“POV” is an acronym for the words “point of view,” and it is often used in videos and media to show a different character or individual’s point of view. It can also be found in books and online forums.

POV is also common on TikTok in hashtags, letting the viewer know the point of view from which they should be watching the video. POV can be used for humorous or serious videos, but its use is mostly restricted to online, and it is rare to hear someone say POV in person.

Pov meaning

How to use POV

  • “My Sister POV”
  • “This video is from the POV of my neighbor.”
  • “Instagram in the middle ages POV.”
  • “John’s POV.”
  • POV can be used anytime the POV is changing, or the producer of the media wants to specify the POV.

Using POV the right way

POV is a harder acronym to use, as it isn’t often used in conversation. It is used mostly for media, whether that be online videos or articles. If you aren’t making online content, you probably won’t use the POV acronym.

POV Variations

There are no official variations of POV, though it is common for creators to make their own abbreviations.

For example, a creator who has two main characters, Tarzan and Jane, may create a TPOV and JPOV (“Tarzan’s point of view,” and “Jane’s point of view” respectively), but you will only be expected to know these in the content of their work, and it doesn’t translate to other mediums.

Should you worry about your child using POV?

If your child is using POV to create digital or written media, there is no reason to worry. POV is a harmless acronym. You may want to check, however, that the media your child is writing or creating is appropriate for their age range.