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What Does POG Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re playing a game online with someone when they use the acronym POG, and you aren’t sure what they mean by it. POG is an acronym commonly used in online gaming, though it can also be used in conversation.

What Does POG Mean? 

What Does POG Mean?

POG is an acronym that stands for “play of (the) game,” and it is used as a compliment in the gaming community. When you say someone has great POG, you are complimenting the way they play the game. Someone can also be named the POGchampion, which means they are a champion at playing a game.

This acronym is almost exclusively used in the gaming community.

How to Use POG

  • “Ur POG was great.”
  • “Good POG, bro.”
  • “U are the POG champion.”
  • “POG for the win.”
  • “Such a pogger.”
  • POG is used to compliment someone on how they play an online game.

Using POG the Right Way

POG is a difficult acronym to use. It should only be used in gaming communities, and it should be used after a game is played to congratulate another player.

POG Variations

The only known variations of POG are Pogger, and Pogchamp. Pogger is a word used to describe a champion player, as in “You are an excellent pogger.” Pogchamp, is a variation of pogchampion and is used to let someone know they are the champion of a game.

Should you worry about your child using POG?

POG is considered a harmless acronym, especially if your child is a gamer. If you see them using the POG acronym, you generally don’t have to worry. However, you may want to check that the games your child is playing online are appropriate and that they are playing with friends that you approve of.