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What Does OMG Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re texting with a friend when she uses the term OMG, and you aren’t sure what it means. OMG is an acronym commonly used in text conversations and online platforms, but many people also use it when speaking in casual conversations.

What Does OMG Mean? 

What does OMG mean?

OMG is an acronym for the words “oh my god,” and it is used to show surprise, shock, or disbelief. Sometimes, it can also be used to display annoyance.

OMG has become so popular in recent years that it is common to hear someone saying the letters OMG instead of saying the words oh my god” in social situations. While it is more likely to be used in informal social situations, it is one of a few acronyms that can be used in professional situations as well.

How to use OMG

  • “OMG that’s insane!”
  • “OMG I’m so proud of you!”
  • “I’m in shock, OMG.”
  • “OMG that is so annoying.”
  • OMG can be used anytime you are shocked, annoyed, or cannot believe something.

Using OMG the right way

OMG is an easy acronym to use, and you should use it anytime you feel surprised or shocked. OMG is usually used as a preposition at the beginning or end of a sentence, but it can sometimes be used in the middle of a phrase as well.

OMG Variations

There are quite a few variations of OMG. The most popular are OMFG and ZOMG. OMFG is an acronym for “oh my fu*** god,” while ZOMG is a misspelling that became famous and still represents OMG, just in a more humorous tone.

Ohemgee and ermahgerd are also variations of OMG that are thought to be humorous. They are not shorthand, however, and are usually just used in memes.

Should you worry about your child using OMG?

OMG is considered a harmless texting term and expression, so you shouldn’t worry about your child using it. If you notice them using the variation OMFG, however, you may want to have a discussion with them about what language is appropriate and what language should be avoided.