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What Does OG Mean? Here’s what the slang means and how to use it

By Elisha Baba


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You’re speaking with a friend when they use the term OG, and you aren’t sure what it means. OG is a slang term, and while it originated on the internet, it’s common to hear people use it in conversations.

What does OG mean?

OG was originally an acronym for the words “original gangster,” and it meant that someone was an old-school gangster. Over the years, the term has evolved to mean that someone is the first person to do something or the only person to be an expert on a topic.

While OG used to just be used by gang members, it is now used by many different members of society, and it isn’t uncommon to hear someone use OG in a conversation.


OG meaning

How to use OG

  • “Timothy? He’s the racing OG.”
  • “You’re the real OG.”
  • “That’s so OG.”
  • “He’s one of the OG’s I think he invented the sport.”
  • OG can be used anytime you are referencing someone who is the original or expert on a particular topic.

Using OG the right way

OG is one of the harder slang terms to use, and it should only be used when describing a person you look up to or respect for their knowledge of a topic. You can slip it into a conversation when you are discussing the inventor of a topic or sport. You can also use OG to show how much you value someone’s life experience.

OG Variations

There are two common variations for OG, and they are “real OG” and “triple OG.” Real OG is used to praise or thank someone, as in, “Thanks, man, you’re the real OG.” Triple OG is only used by gang members to reference someone who was once a gangster but has moved on while still remembering their roots.

Should you worry about your child using OG?

It can be scary to hear your child using the term OG because of its connections to gang culture. If you hear your child using it, find out where they heard it and why they are using it. Some kids pick it up as a purely social term, and then there is no reason to worry. If you believe your child is involved with a gang, then it may be time to have seek professional help.