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What Does NVM Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re texting with your friends when they use the term NVM, and you aren’t sure what it means. NVM is an acronym commonly used in text conversations and online platforms, like Facebook and Instagram

What Does NVM Mean? 

What does NVM mean?

NVM is an acronym for the words “never mind” and it is used when someone wants you to disregard something they just said. It can be because they no longer need you to pay attention to what they said, or because they changed their mind.

How to use NVM

  • “NVM I found it!”
  • “NVM I don’t really want to go anymore.”
  • “NVM, Ashley is going to help me.”
  • “NVM you are right.”
  • NVM can be used anytime you want someone to forget or disregard something you said which is no longer applicable.

Using NVM the right way

NVM is an easy acronym to use. Use it anytime you want someone to ignore something you have previously said. NVM typically comes at the beginning of a sentence, with a short explanation of what it is you want someone to disregard.

It is common to also send it as a message on its own as long as it is clear what the recipient should disregard.

NVM Variations

Currently, there are no known variations of the NVM acronym.

Should you worry about your child using NVM?

NVM is a harmless texting term, and you don’t need to worry about your child using it. If they begin to use it frequently, however, or in many situations, they may be brushing off something that is bothering them. It is suggested to talk with your child if they begin using NVM frequently.