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What Does NGL Mean? Make sure you’re using this internet, texting acronym correctly

By Elisha Baba


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You’re using the internet when you see the letters NGL in a video, and you aren’t sure what it means. NGL is an acronym often used in videos and messaging on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

What does NGL mean?

“NGL” is an acronym for the words “not gonna lie,” which is slang for “I’m not going to lie.” NGL is often used online in social media videos or comments when the user is about to admit something embarrassing. It can also be used proceeding a harsh truth or complaint that might be hurtful to the receiver.

NGL has become so popular on the internet that many people use it in conversations as well. You may sometimes hear someone saying NGL before they admit or criticize something at a social event.

ngl meaning

How to use NGL

  • “NGL, I was today years old when I realized I had been saying it wrong.”
  • “NGL, I hate that team.”
  • “NGL, yellow isn’t your color.”
  • “Yeah, I’m NGL, I had no idea that was a thing.”
  • NGL can be used anytime you are embarrassed to admit something or wish to soften the blow of coming criticism.

Using NGL the right way

It’s easy to use NGL, you just have to remember to do so before you admit something embarrassing or tell someone the honest truth. While NGL most proceeds the information you aren’t going to lie about, it can also be used after the information or in the middle.

NGL Variations

There are currently no known variations of NGL, however, it is a shorter acronym, so variations or add-ons could pop up in the future.

Should you worry about your child using NGL?

NGL is considered mostly harmless, especially when it is being used to express something embarrassing. If you see your child using NGL, though, it is a good idea to double-check how they are using it and ensure they are treating others with respect.