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What Does Mid Mean? Here’s what the internet slang term means and how to use it

By Elisha Baba


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You’re watching a video on Instagram when you see the word ‘mid,’ and you aren’t sure what to make of it. Mid is a slang term often used in texting and on social media.

What does Mid mean?

“Mid” is a slang term for something being in the middle of a range. Instagramers will use the word ‘mid’ to describe something that is not high quality but not low quality either. People can also use ‘mid’ to describe something which has below-average quality.

Sometimes, social media users will use ‘mid’ to mean ‘boring’ or ‘mediocre.’ The term ‘mid’ has become so popular that it is common to hear people using the term in person at social events.

Mid Meaning

How to use Mid

  • “The whole thing was so mid.”
  • “A Prius? Mid!”
  • “Eh, it was mid.”
  • “Oh really? Mid!”
  • MID can be used anytime you are describing a less-than-stellar experience or item.

Using MID the right way

Mid is one of the harder slang terms to use, and it should only be used when describing an experience or item. Some people do use mid to describe people, but it is seen as rude and should be avoided.

Mid is a slang term and should not be used in professional situations.

Mid Variations

There are currently no known mid variations.

Should you worry about your child using Mid?

Mid is a popular term, and you will likely hear your child use it at some point. While it isn’t a mean word, it can be used to bully others on the internet. If you hear your child use mid in relation to a person, it might be time to discuss with them the importance of being nice to others online.