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What Does ICYMI Mean? Here’s what it means and examples of it used in conversation

By Elisha Baba


Published on

You’re surfing the internet when you see the acronym ICYMI in a video, and you aren’t sure what it means. ICYMI is an acronym often used in videos and messaging on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

What does ICYMI mean?

“ICYMI” is an acronym for the words “in case you missed it,” and it is often used online in social media videos or as a caption for images. There isn’t a secret meaning of ICYMI, and it is usually just an individual wanting to share something that they believe others on the platform may have missed.

It isn’t common for someone to say the letters ICYMI in conversation, but it does happen from time to time. It’s more frequent for ICYMI to be used on social media, proceeding a link where the viewer can get more information about the thing they missed.

What does ICYMI mean?

How to use ICYMI

  • “This happened yesterday, ICYMI.”
  • “ICYMI here is everything that happened in a video.”
  • “Did you see this? Click the link ICYMI.”
  • ICYMI can be used anytime to provide information to someone who may not have received it previously.

Using ICYMI the right way

ICYMI isn’t a hard acronym to use, as you can use it anytime you are providing people with information they may not have seen before. It is best used proceeding a link or additional information so that the reader can be informed of whatever it is they missed.

ICYMI Variations

There are currently no known variations of ICYMI, and this acronym is already quite long, so there likely won’t be many variations in the future.

Should you worry about your child using ICYMI?

ICYMI is a harmless term used mostly in videos and stories. If you see your child using it, it might be a good idea to check that they are consuming age-appropriate media that they are sharing using the ICYMI acronym. Otherwise, there isn’t a reason to worry about your child using this term.