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What Does GG Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re playing an online game with someone when they use the acronym GG, and you aren’t sure what they mean by it. GG is an acronym often used in online gaming and occasionally in chat rooms.

What Does GG Mean? 

What Does GG Mean?

GG is an acronym that stands for the words “good game,” and it is used to recognize someone’s skill or talent at an online game. It can also be used sarcastically to comment on how terrible someone is at a game. Sometimes, gamers will use it to say “bye” when leaving a game.

GG can also be used outside of gaming as a way of saying, “That was a good attempt, but game over.” For example, if a guy was trying to woo a girl but then ended up dating someone else, his friends could say, “Well, you tried, GG.”

How to Use GG

  • “I’m out, GG.”
  • “GG, goodnight.”
  • “Haha, GG, beating you was tough.”
  • “GG man, I enjoyed the challenge.”
  • “Well, it was a GG, and you tried, but it’s over now,”
  • GG is used to let someone know they did well or poorly in a video game and as an exit term.

Using GG the Right Way

GG is a harder acronym to use because it has so many meanings. It is recommended to only use it to congratulate someone until you are better acquainted with its many uses.

GG Variations

GG variations include GGWP, which stands for “good game, well played,” GGEZ, which stands for “good game, easy,” and GGNORE, which means “good game, no rematch.” It is important to note that GGEZ is an insult and should be used with caution.

Should you worry about your child using the word GG?

GG is considered a harmless acronym, and there is no reason to worry if you see your child using it, especially if they are into online gaming. However, if you notice your child using GGEZ, it may be time to discuss with them the importance of not engaging in online bullying.