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What Does FWIW Mean? The Acronym’s Definition and How to Use it in Your Conversations

By Elisha Baba


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You’re texting a friend when they send FWIW, and you aren’t sure what to make of it. FWIW is an acronym often used in texting and online messaging.

What does FWIW mean?

“FWIW” is an acronym for the words “for what it’s worth,” and it is often used online by individuals who want to add something to the conversation, but they know what they are adding may not be important to the reader.

FWIW can also be used to add unimportant context to a video on the TikTok or Instagram platform. While it has become more common in recent years, you are unlikely to hear it in social settings.

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How to use FWIW

  • “FWIW, I think you did a great job, even if the boss disagrees.”
  • “FWIW, I did text them before I sent this letter.”
  • “FWIW, I hope you got all of your issues addressed!”
  • “FWIW, this guy can be nice, but only in rare situations.”
  • FWIW can be used anytime you are adding information to a conversation that you aren’t sure whether or not it has value.

Using FWIW the right way

FWIW is an easy acronym to use, and you can use it before you add information. It can sometimes be used after adding information to a conversation, but it is most often used at the beginning of the added info.

FWIW Variations

There are currently no known variations of FWIW, but new internet shorthand is invented all the time. Don’t be surprised if you see extra letters added into FWIW, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Should you worry about your child using FWIW?

If your child is using FWIW online, there isn’t a reason to worry unless they are using it to say mean things to others. On its own, FWIW is harmless internet shorthand, but if your child is saying inappropriate things after FWIW, it may be time to discuss appropriate internet behavior with them.