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What Does ETA Mean? 

By Elisha Baba


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You’re meeting a friend when they use the term ETA, and you aren’t sure what it means. ETA is an acronym commonly used in text conversations and online, but sometimes you can also hear it spoken in conversation.

What Does ETA Mean? 

What does ETA mean?

ETA is an acronym for the words “estimated time of arrival,” and it is usually used in aviation and the military to let employees know when to expect an aircraft or piece of equipment to arrive.

Over the years, ETA has become more and more common in texting, because it is very easy to send someone ETA to ask about when they will arrive at an event or an appointment. It is also frequently used when waiting for a package or other delivery.

ETA has always been used in conversations, especially in the travel industry. It is not uncommon to hear a friend using the term ETA as it has become popular in all industries in recent years.

How to use ETA

  • “What is your ETA?”
  • “My ETA is 12:04.”
  • “Send your ETA so I know when to expect you.”
  • “It’s shipped, ETA on Thursday!”
  • “Let me know your ETA when you have a chance!”
  • ETA can be used anytime you want to know when someone or something will arrive.

Using ETA the right way

ETA is an easy acronym to use as long as you are using it to ask someone when they will arrive, or lettings someone know when you will arrive. It can be used at the beginning, or the end of a sentence.

ETA Variations

ETA has one major variation EDT which stands for “estimated departure time.” While EDT is not as commonly used as ETA, it is frequently heard in the aviation and travel industries.

Should you worry about your child using ETA?

ETA is considered a harmless texting term and you probably don’t have to worry about your child using it. You may want to be cautious, however, and check that whoever your child is sharing their ETA with is someone you are okay with them spending time with.